Staff Advisory and Professional Development
Operational Committee

Mission Statement

The staff advisory and professional development committee (SAPDC) shall be comprised of five staff members with representatives from both office/service and managerial/professional employees. A representative from the administrative staff shall serve as an ex officio member. The director shall meet with the SAPDC at their request. Members shall be elected to staggered three-year terms and may serve two consecutive terms.

The committee shall advise the director on matters relating to staff. The committee shall serve as a point of contact for staff in SNR; encourage recognition of staff excellence; encourage and promote professional development for staff; encourage and promote open lines of communication between staff, faculty, director, associate director, and, if applicable, coordinators and mission area leaders; make recommendations to the director on communicating the process for evaluation of staff; and carry out other assignments as requested by the director.

The committee chair or his/her designee will serve as a liaison with the faculty advisory committee and shall select a representative to serve as liaison with SNR managers. (The SNR managers are state-supported staff who are responsible for providing services to the School.)

"Bylaws;" University of Nebraska-Lincoln, School of Natural Resources; Adopted 12/16/2016

Current Members

Stonie Cooper - 153a HARH , EC 0931 ; phone: 402-472-9180; FAX: 402-472-8763; E-mail: - [Term Expires: 2019]

Dee Ebbeka - 229 HARH , EC 0982 ; phone: 402-472-7526; FAX: 402-472-2946; E-mail: - [Term Expires: 2019]

Tonya Haigh (Chair)- 802 HARH , EC 0988 ; phone: 402-472-6781; FAX: 402-472-2946; E-mail: - [Term Expires: 2020]

Maria Hansen (ex-officio)- 909 HARH , EC 0989 ; phone: 402-472-9873; FAX: 402-472-2946; E-mail: - [Term Expires: n/a]

Paul Hanson (ex-officio)- 904 HARH , EC 0989 ; phone: 402-472-7762; FAX: 402-472-2946; E-mail: - [Term Expires: Associate Director of SNR]

Hannah Kahler - 237c HARH , EC 0972 ; phone: 402-472-5585; FAX: 402-472-4915; E-mail: - [Term Expires: NRBC Representative]

Ian Ratcliffe - 601 HARH , EC 0982 ; phone: 402-472-6514; FAX: 402-472-2946; E-mail: - [Term Expires: 2021]

Colleen Steele (Liaison to Faculty Advisory Committee)- 618 HARH , EC 0996 ; phone: 402-472-3150; FAX: 402-472-2946; E-mail: - [Term Expires: 2018]

Aaron Young - 602 HARH , EC 0996 ; phone: 402-472-8339; FAX: 402-472-2946; E-mail: - [Term Expires: 2019]