Flights Ascending & More: Rules and Information

SNR Wellness Activity for the month of February 2019 will be to see how many flights of stairs in Hardin Hall people can ASCEND & DESCEND  There will be awards for

  1. Most flights taken up
  2. Most flights taken down
  3. Completing at least one hundred (100) flights over the month - Threshold Prize


A Flight of Stairs

Our defintion of a "flight of stairs" is from one floor to the next floor and NOT from one landing to another landing. In the picture below, this would be counted as one flight of stairs.

Flight of Stairs

Counting Flights of Stairs

In the Hardin Hall South Tower, if you started on the 1st floor and walked up to the 8th floor, you would have ascended seven (7) flights of stairs.

Harin Hall Tower Floors


  1. Activities will be entered into a tracking system associated with your SNR Profile.
  2. Entries will be made based on an honor system.
  3. Only flights you have ascended and/or descended in Hardin Hall are allowable.
  4. Only flights in February will count.
  5. Ties in each award category will be broken by random draw