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SNR Wellness Plan 2018

A plan of four goals covering environmental wellness, walking breaks/meetings and increased graduate student involvement for 2018. Read the plan.


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Stadium Group Fitness Walk at Lunch

SNR Sponsored Fitness Class - TRX Yoga

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SNR Fitness Challenge 2019 - Flights Ascending & More

Ascending Flights

How many flights of stairs can you go up or down in Hardin Hall in February 2019?

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Nacho Rides

Rides from Hardin Hall or other starting points along the MoPac Trail to Eagle NE. Look for a couple more in early August and September on a Tuesday night. Contact Mark Mesarch at if interested.

nachoride 2018
Nacho Ride II - July 3, 2018 : Paul, Suzanne, Stephanie, Mark, Peter, Cheri, John, Jake
Life balance is extremely important in our society with its ever increasing pace. SNR is fully committed to supporting and encouraging our wellness activities because it is good for the productivity of our unit, but more importantly it is good for the wellbeing of our faculty and staff. John Carroll SNR Director and avid bicyclist

My Wellness Story....

I was able to successfully lose 40 to 50 pounds and have kept most of it off over the years because I've accepted that it just takes a long time to make lifestyle changes and I'm okay with that Crystal Stiles Applied Climatologist
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