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Improving stewardship of Nebraska's natural resources is critical to providing ecosystem services while maintaining natural ecological integrity and processes. Human dimensions specialists in SNR offer guidance to balance use and integrity of natural resources.

Examples projects include:

  • Nebraska Water Leaders Academy
  • Recommendations for managing wildlife habitat on rangelands in the Great Plains
  • Empathy conservation studies
  • Framework describing requirements to effectively lead civic engagement and collaboration
  • Recommendations for limiting cigarette butt littering behavior on public beaches (forthcoming)
  • Evaluation of skills and competencies for managing teleworkers in state government organizations


Managing for Wildlife Habitat on Rangelands in the Great Plains

Cows at Fence

With growing interest from society about how food is produced and how food production impacts the environment, there is a huge opportunity for ranchers to show that raising beef cattle on rangelands is one of the least intrusive methods of food production. Read more...