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What better way to encourage mental and physical health than to get outside and enjoy Nebraska's natural resources? Human dimensions specialists in SNR can help you plan and manage the resources for public use, visitor education, and profitability. Interest parties should contact Lisa Pennisi or Chris Chizinski.

Examples projects include:

  • a species management plan for your outfitting site
  • a recreation study
  • evaluate hunters' needs
  • tourism assessments for your town or business
  • tourism development plans
  • marketing materials and plans
  • environmental education and interpretation programs, exhibits and master plans


Hunting Preferences on private land in Nebraska

Nebraska Game and Parks leases private land from landowners to make more hunting land available to hunters. Hunter preferences for hunting amenities was evaluated in a study conducted from 2012-2015. This study used a sophisticated discrete choice experiment to see what amenities were most important to hunters. Download the final report.

Undergraduate Student Projects and Clients

Giving students a real-world experience of planning and evaluting projects while serving client's needs.

Calamus Outfitters

Calamus Outfitters Website
  • Evaluated website
  • Helped design trails

City of Ashland Tourism Assessment

Ashland Area Map
  • Enrolled in "Ecotourism Development" (HRTM 478)
  • Conduct a tourism assessment, complete with recommendations for the city of Ashland, Nebraska
  • Produced report "Ashland: Small Town, Big Opportunities" in April 2015

Sandhills Journey Scenic Byway


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