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Do you want to help Nebraska’s natural resources? Do you want to ensure a sustainable future? We do too! Whether you want to communicate, educate or encourage sustainable behavior we can help you with both conducting research and using well-researched techniques to increase your impact. Interested parties should contact Lisa Pennisi or Mark Burbach



  • Studying the barriers to recycling at UNL
  • Studying the barriers to composting and recycling in UNL dining halls

Selected Publications

Pennisi, L., and S. M. Niemeyer (2010). E-cycling. NebGuide, Cooperative Extension, University of Nebraska.

Pennisi, L. (2010). Greening the Hospitality Industry. NebGuide, Cooperative Extension, University of Nebraska.

Corrugated Cardboard Disposal Ban Started April 1, 2018 in Lincoln NE

Participating in the Lincoln band of Corrugated Cardboard --> Take it to the Bin