Research Assistantships

  • No set application deadline
  • Review of completed applications will occur throughout the year
  • Stipend paid with external funds (i.e., grants) that are awarded throughout the year
  • No set number of available assistantships per year
  • Discuss funding opportunities with your potential advisor

SNR state-sponsored Research/Teaching Assistantships

  • Application deadline for these assistantships is Dec. 15
  • Complete application by 5pm CST, December 15 will automatically be considered for these assistantships
  • Review of applications will begin the first Friday in January
  • Typically, 4 assistantships are available per year
  • Graduate assistants begin their graduate studies in the fall semester
  • Stipends paid with internal funds
  • Discuss funding opportunities with your potential advisor

Questions ?

If you have particular questions about our graduate programs, we welcome you to contact:

Patty Swanson

Patty Swanson

SNR Graduate Admissions Coordinator

102b Hardin Hall
3310 Holdrege Street
Lincoln NE 68583-0921