Graduate Student Funding

We understand that considering the demands of a graduate degree often includes considering the demands of financing a graduate degree. The School of Natural Resources offers various types of assistantships to qualified students.

Assistantships provide
  • 12 hours of free tuition each semester
    Student fees are not include and responsibility of the student
  • Basic individual student health insurance at a reduced premium
  • Masters program - two years of funding
  • Doctorate program - three years of funding
  • Some options are program specific

Graduate Assistantship Types

  • Nebraska-Sponsored SNR Research/Teaching Assistantships: SNR Research/Teaching Assistantships primarily support the thesis research obligation of the graduate program, but as part of this assistantship you will serve as a teaching assistant for a course for one semester of each year of the assistantship. You may be required to teach a laboratory or an online course, grade papers, develop/present lessons, or supervise students on field trips. To be automatically considered for this funding opportunity, you must submit all application materials by the dates established by the School of Natural Resources Graduate Committee. There usually are 4 assistantships available per year.
  • Research Assistantships: Some faculty members have successfully secured research funds through external funding agencies. These funds may be used to fund research assistants associated with current projects. Candidates who are interested in research assistantships are encouraged to contact applicable faculty directly.

Available Assistantships

Ph.D. Research Assistantship

Focus: interdisciplinary research on spatial science and natural resources.
Advisor: Yi Qi
Funding: 3 years with potential continuous funding
Start Date: August 1, 2019
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School of Natural Resources related scholarships - For both undergraduate and graduate students

School of Natural Resources related scholarships - For graduate students

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If you have particular questions about our graduate programs, we welcome you to contact:

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Patty Swanson

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