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Video Recording & Production Capabilities


  • SNR Media Room Contact - Larkin Powell:,  419 HARH, EC 0974   Phone: 402-472-6825
  • SNR Videographer - Gregg Hutchison:,  226 HARH, EC 0982   Phone: 402-472-5436
  • SNR Communications - Shawna Richter-Ryerson:,  911 HARH, EC 0989   Phone: 402-472-6515

Equipment & Facilities

SNR Media Room

Room 153a in Hardin Hall

This room is equipped with a variety of equipment and software and serves as a very basic recording studio for video recording & production. The room will be available for checkout on the Outlook Calendaring system similar to other conference/classrooms. The key can be checked out from Nebraska Maps & More during regular business hours.

Who can use the room? The room is available for any SNR faculty, staff or graduate student that needs to make videos for class, research, presentations or community engagement.

Equipment Available

  • Digital video cameras (2– One should always be assigned to the room. The another can be used for recording outside of room
  • Tripods (2)
  • Headsets (5)
  • Computer with recording and editing software
  • Green screen (Courtesy of Dave Gosselin)
  • Light (Courtesy of Dave Gosselin)
  • White Board

Software on Computer

Other Equipment

Mekita Rivas - Digital Camera (DSLR) with Video Capability and a video camera . Mekita will allow people to check out camera and give a basic tutorial of how to use the camera. She has Final Cut Express on her Mac for video editing.



Camtasia Relay – Very basic video recording software with limited edit capabilities. Can request this from SNR IT to be installed on individual's computers. See details at:

Camtasia Relay vs. Camtasia Studio

With Relay, the key is how simple it is. You open the recorder, pick a profile, hit record, and then hit Submit. The profile then determines the format and location the presentation is saved. You can set it so presenters just get an e-mail when everything is done, and they can go get the file then, to do whatever they want with it.

The processing in Studio takes place on the computer, while in Relay it takes place on the server, leaving the computer less taxed. You can also create a profile to save the recording to be edited in Camtasia Studio. You must then find a place to house the video such as MediaHub or YouTube if you want to share it with others.


Handbreak – HandBrake is a tool for converting video from nearly any format to a selection of modern, widely supported codecs.


SNR Options

SNR IT Services - Gregg Hutchison can record, edit and produce videos for SNR related projects. Projects that are worked on during regular business hours may be free of charge. Projects requiring production outside of the regular business hours will be subject to an hourly fee of roughly $60/per hour.

SNR also has hardware to live stream, but there is a cost of $55 plus cost for bandwidth from IANR/UNL to provide the stream.

Shawna Richter-Ryerson can also record, edit and produce videos for related SNR projects.

University Options

The university provides sources for video recording options and information. Some options and information are free of charge while other are fee based.

Mike Kamm, Electronic Media Specialist, IANR Media, , 402-472-9716

Dave Fitzgibbon, Director of Video Services, Office of University Communications,, 402-472-8520

Best Practices: UNL Branding, Accessibiltiy and Hosting

UNL Communications presented a short presentation on best practice guidelines for branding videos, creating accessibility features (such as close captioning) and hosting sites. You can view this video at