Graduate Student Handbook

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Health Insurance

Students are required to carry health insurance. They may have their own or participate in the UNL Healthy Option Student Plan. UNL's student health insurance is provided by Aetna Student Health. Coverage includes medical, dental, and prescription medications. You can enroll yourself and dependents online via MyRED or in person at the University Health Center, located at 1500 U Street on City Campus. Further details are available from the University Health Center ( and from Graduate Studies (

Students on assistantships are automatically enrolled in student health insurance. However, if you have other insurance or wish to waive this benefit, you must complete the waiver request form every semester by the fourteenth (14th) day of classes. Insurance for the Spring semester provides coverage through mid-August.

International students are required to show proof of insurance upon arrival to campus.

Travel Insurance

Students, faculty and staff traveling on University sponsored trips, including student field trips, etc., should be made aware of the following information:

  1. Students should have health insurance coverage. They can get coverage through the following methods:
    • Through their own private health insurance coverage
    • Through their parents health insurance coverage
    • Through the UNL Student Health Insurance Program
  2. Regardless of whether students have health insurance or not, they must enroll in the Student Trip Insurance Program before they travel on University sponsored trips. The UNL Student Trip Insurance Program (available through the UNL Benefits Office), covers students with $2,500 of accidental medical and $30,000 of accidental death for 25 cents per student, per day. Faculty and staff may opt to take this coverage as well. The Student Trip Insurance form is also available with SNR forms website.
  3. Students are not covered by any other University insurance coverage, such as Workers Compensation, on any trips. Their own medical coverage or Student Trip Insurance will be the coverage.
  4. Faculty and staff traveling abroad should consider having international medical insurance. In the event of an emergency this would cover emergency medical evacuation. Air Ambulance and FrontierMedex are two providers used by the University.
  5. Students, faculty and staff who are participating as volunteers on trips are not covered by the University's liability program. However, faculty and staff who are participating as a part of their job function are covered by the University's liability program.
  6. Faculty and staff who volunteer for trips are not covered by workers compensation and will rely on their own medical coverage should there be an injury. Faculty and staff who go on trips as a part of their job would be covered by workers compensation.

Before planning a trip, please contact the UNL Benefits Office (402-472-2600) so they may help you with required release forms and insurance information.