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Communication - Email


  • Assistant to the Director - Christine Steggs:,  908 HARH, EC 0989   Phone: 402-472-8120
  • Graduate Admissions Coordinator - Patty Swanson:,  229D HARH, EC 0982   Phone: 402-472-5355

SNR uses email to communicate with its employees and students regularly. Students are placed into various group lists based upon their work location and type of assistantships.

Students are expected to have and maintain a Huskers email account. These accounts can accommodate the large size of file attachments.

SNR uses email to communicate with its employees. The group lists and contacts used by Faculty, Staff, and Students with UNL email accounts (not huskers accounts) are in the UNL-GAL address book.

All group lists maintained by SNR will have “SNR” at the beginning of the “Name” (i.e. SNR Faculty).
SNR Group List Names

All contacts maintained by SNR have “SNR” at the beginning of the “Title” (i.e. SNR Graduate Student).
SNR Contacts Title

This allows SNR maintained group lists and contacts to be grouped together in the address book.

Email Lists that SNR Maintains in the UNL-GAL:

  1. SNR All Employees (consists of SNR Faculty, SNR Staff, SNR Graduate Assistants, NRBC)
  2. SNR Committee Promotion and Tenure
  3. SNR Core Mission Area Applied Climate Science
  4. SNR Core Mission Area Applied Ecology
  5. SNR Core Mission Area Environmental Science
  6. SNR Core Mission Area Geography and Spatial Science
  7. SNR Extended Mission Area Applied Climate Science
  8. SNR Extended Mission Area Applied Ecology
  9. SNR Extended Mission Area Environmental Science
  10. SNR Extended Mission Area Geography and Spatial Science
  11. SNR Faculty (excludes courtesy, adjunct, emeritus, visiting faculty)
  12. SNR Graduate Assistants (consists of grauate students on SNR-paid assistantships)
  13. SNR Graduate Students (consists of all graduate students admitted into NRES or GEOG graduate program or those advised by an SNR Faculty member)
  14. SNR HarH Occupants (includes everyone with office space Hardin Hall)
  15. SNR Staff

Hints for Using the SNR Group Lists:

  1. If you try to send to a group list that no longer exists you will get an error message that the group no longer exists or that you do not have permission to send to the list.
  2. If the auto-fill feature in the address lines (To, CC, BCC) show a deleted group list, remove them by clearing the AutoComplete cache in Outlook.
  3. If you want to email all employees and graduate students use two lists: SNR All Employees and SNR Graduate Students (Outlook will remove any duplicates.)
  4. If information needs to be addressed to one specific floor in Hardin Hall use the group list SNR HarH Occupants AND indicate at the start of the subject line that the message is for a certain floor.