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Go Green - reduce, reuse, recycle!


  • Sales and Events Manager - Jacki Loomis:,  121a South HARH, EC 0961   Phone: 402-472-7550

Environmental stewardship, preservation, and sustainability are important in SNR. We participate in recycling and energy conservation programs.


Unwanted equipment, books, etc., are to be reused within the department whenever possible. If we cannot find a new use and the item was purchased with University funds, it must be sent to Inventory. Complete the Surplus Equipment Pickup form, and send to Inventory Coordinator.


SNR follows a self-serve recycling model for HarH South Tower floors. Self-serve recycling bins are located in Tower floors 3-9, basement near door 14, and 2nd floor north. Occupants of these areas are responsible for taking full bins to room # 138 and bringing back an empty bin. Each area can determine their own plan for servicing their bin, such as a rotating volunteer schedule or designated volunteer. Again, SNR will not provide any service to bins in these areas. SNR will continue to provide service in public areas, conference rooms and classrooms.

How to help SNR Recycling work best for you and your colleagues:

  • Always transfer bins to the Dock after bins ar half full, our Recycling Service only empties bins that are at least half full.
  • Never put corrugated cardboard in a recycling bin. Corrugated cardboard must be taken to the designated outdoor bin so UNL can sell the cardboard. You can also write "Trash" on the cardboard and place it in tower hallways for custodial staff to pick it up and take to the outdoor bin.
  • Never put any material contaminated with food waste in the recycling bin. Food waste can contaminate a load of recyclable materi. Please, No Pizza Boxes and the like!
  • Get a fresh bin from the Dock if you are working on an especially large recycling project, there are always spare bins located there.

Thank you for being green!

Contact the Sales and Events Manager with questions.