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Academic Dishonesty, Policy Appeals, and Grade Appeals Policy

All courses in majors offered by the School of Natural Resources will include the following Academic Integrity Statement in their syllabi:

Students are expected to adhere to guidelines concerning academic dishonesty outlined in Section 4.2 of University's Student Code of Conduct ( (Optional) Instructor - Outline penalties possible for instances of dishonesty such as cheating and plagiarism here. Students are encouraged to contact the instructor for clarification of these guidelines if they have questions or concerns. The SNR policy on Academic Dishonesty is available at

Grade and Policy Appeals, and Incidents of Academic Dishonesty in School of Natural Resources courses are to be handled in the following framework:

Student Appeals of a School of Natural Resources Policy or Policy Decision:

A student wishing to appeal an NRES, WATS or SNR policy or policy decision must first discuss with his or her academic adviser the policy or decision in question. If a satisfactory solution is not achieved with the adviser, the student may request a decision from the SNR Undergraduate Committee (undergraduate student) or Graduate Committee (graduate student) and then the SNR Director (in that order). If a satisfactory solution is not achieved at the School level, the student may appeal his or her case through the appropriate College Dean's Office, using that body's appeal process.

Students appealing a policy decision must do so within one semester (Fall or Spring) following the decision.

Student Appeals of School of Natural Resources Course Grades:

In the event of a dispute involving NRES or WATS course grades, the student must first appeal to his or her instructor and, failing resolution with the instructor, to the SNR Undergraduate Committee (undergraduate level course) or Graduate Committee (graduate level course), and then to the SNR Director in writing (in that order). If a satisfactory solution is not achieved at the School level, the student may appeal his or her case through the appropriate College Grade Appeals Committee using that body's process.

If a grade is appealed to the appropriate SNR Committee, the instructor must provide a written justification for the awarding of the grade. The student shall provide an account of the grounds for the grade appeal and evidence that the student has sought to resolve the case in consultation with the instructor.

Students appealing a course grade must do so within one semester (Fall or Spring) following the grade.

Academic Dishonesty:

Academic dishonesty can involve, but is not limited to, cheating; fabrication or falsification of information; plagiarism; destroying, defacing, stealing, or making inaccessible library or other academic resource material; complicity in the academic dishonesty of others; falsifying grade reports; or misrepresenting illness, injury, accident, etc., to avoid or delay an examination, or the timely submission of academic work.

Consequences of academic dishonesty in NRES or WATS courses, depending on the degree of severity as interpreted by an instructor, may range from a warning to assigning an F for the course. The instructor might also choose to assign a zero or partial credit for a specific assignment, quiz, examination or laboratory report in which dishonesty was involved. Before imposing an academic sanction the instructor shall first attempt to discuss the matter with the student. In all cases, including sanctions not involving a lowered grade (e.g. retaking an exam) the instructor must document the instance(s) of student activity that constitutes academic dishonesty. Documentation must be kept by the instructor for a minimum of two years and must be made available to appropriate School, college, and UNL authorities if cases of academic dishonesty result in disciplinary hearings or appeals at those levels. When an academic sanction is imposed that causes a student to receive a lowered course grade, the instructor shall make a report in writing of the facts of the case, and of the academic sanction imposed against the student, to the SNR Director and, if necessary, to the UNL Director of Student Judicial Affairs. The student shall be provided with a copy of this report. Further, the instructor may recommend to CASNR, CAS, or UNL disciplinary proceedings against the student for violation of the Student Code of Conduct if the instructor, in the exercise of his or her professional judgment, believes that such action is warranted.

If the student believes that the allegations of the instructor regarding Academic Dishonesty, or the proposed penalty to be imposed, are unjust or not warranted, the student should contact their academic adviser and the SNR Director to discuss the matter. This process must be initiated within one month of the class grade assignment. If a student facing a sanction due to academic dishonesty in an SNR course wishes to appeal the sanction, the following process must be followed. First is an appeal to the chief instructor of the course. Failing this appeal, next is an appeal (in writing) to the SNR Undergraduate Committee (undergraduate student) or Graduate Committee (graduate student), then to the SNR Director (in that order). If a satisfactory solution is not achieved at the School level, the student may then appeal through the appropriate CASNR, CAS, Graduate Studies, or UNL appeal process, subject to the process and requirements of those bodies.

Approved by SNR Undergraduate and Graduate Curriculum Committees - 09/13/2013

Approved by SNR Faculty - 10/03/2013

Add/Remove a Publication from SNR Profile


  • SNR Webmaster - Mark Mesarch:,  913 South HARH, EC 0989   Phone: 402-472-5904
  • Nebraska Maps and More - Jacki Loomis:,  121a South HARH, EC 0961   Phone: 402-472-7550

You can assign or remove a publication from your profile via the "Update your Profile" link on your profile page. Publications are pulled from the Nebraska Maps and More Publication (NMM) List. This allows for one source of the publication citation and location of an on-line or downloadable version of the publication. Authors must assign the publication to themselves. This also allows for the publication to be listed in the NMM and another authors' publication list and not on a specific author's profile if they choose.

How to assign, add, edit or unassign a publication to your profile please review this document.

Administrative Associate


  • Administrative Associate - Maria Hansen:,  909 South HARH, EC 0989   Phone: 402-472-9873


  • Assist with the development and update of department policies and procedures.
  • Serve as an advocate for staff.
  • Manage the Director's calendar.
  • Coordinate and schedule faculty meetings, prepare and distribute minutes.
  • Coordinate the electronic Annual Report of Faculty Accomplishments (ActivityInsight).
  • Coordinate documents needed for the Promotion and Tenure (P & T) Committee's review.
  • Coordinate the annual faculty evaluation process.
  • Collect all staff evaluations.
  • Provide all faculty and staff with an electronic copy of their evaluations; submit ratings to the Natural Resources Business Center Manager by the required deadline.
  • Manage the School's academic personnel files.

Admission to Candidacy

Masters Degree

A student is admitted to Candidacy for the masters degree when admission deficiencies have been removed and when the ability to perform satisfactorily in graduate studies has been demonstrated, by filing a Memorandum of Courses in the Office of Graduate Studies.

A masters degree student may change his/her declared Option at any time during the program of study with written approval from the adviser, the Chair of the Graduate Committee in the student's major and the Dean for Graduate Studies. The only exception to this policy is that students may not change from Option I to any other Option if certification of full time status has been utilized.

For additional information see the Graduate Studies website (

Doctoral Degree

For additional information see the Graduate Studies website (



  • Undergraduate Advisor - Sara Winn:,  102d South HARH, EC 0981   Phone: 402-472-0636
  • Webmaster - Mark Mesarch:,  913 South HARH, EC 0989   Phone: 402-472-5904
  • Department Administration - Maria Hansen:,  909 South HARH, EC 0989   Phone: 402-472-9873

Faculty are to notify Maria Hansen, Sara Winn, and Mark Mesarch which degree programs and/or specializations they are qualified to advise.

Advisors for Students

Choosing an advisor whose interests match your research goals is critical for the success of your work. SNR emphasizes the cooperative exchange between students and advisors in research programs while still giving advisors the overall responsibility for the direction and course of the student's research. Contact an SNR faculty member regarding your interest in our graduate program. Before you apply, you must receive the advising support of a faculty member who is a member of the Graduate Faculty (as recognized by the Office of Graduate Studies). This potential advisor is required to write a letter of approval for your application. Please note: this letter does not count toward your required letters of recommendation.

MS in Natural Resource Sciences

Changing Advisors

Advisor Leaves SNR

  • Prior to the departure of a student's advisor from the School, the student needs to secure an on-campus co-advisor or change to a different advisor.
  • Students are responsible for consulting with:
    1. Members of their Graduate Advisory Committee,
    2. The chair of the SNR Graduate Committee, and
    3. The director of SNR to determine whether an on-campus co-adviser needs to be appointed.

After-Hours Access to Hardin Hall


  • Ncard Access - Karen Gilbert:,  101 South HARH, EC 0961   Phone: 402-472-8197

Karen Gilbert manages NCard access to Hardin Hall. Provide her with your NCard, and she will take care of your authorization based on the type of position you hold and rooms your supervisor has approved for you to access.

Air Handling System


  • Office Associate - Operations - Karen Gilbert:,  101 South HARH, EC 0961   Phone: 402-472-8197

The heating, ventilating, and air conditioning system in Hardin Hall is always on in some areas of Hardin Hall, and turns on at 5:30 a.m. and goes off at 6 p.m. Monday through Friday for other areas (see schedule below). The air handler schedule is adjusted to accommodate special events or classes when scheduled through appropriate SNR staff.

Air Handler Areas Served Normal Schedule Frequently Scheduled Rooms on Air Handler
AH01 Labs (Basement, 1st, 2nd - North of corridor)
(also PH and EXH schedules, don't change these)
always ON 023, 024
AH02 South wing by elevators (1st, 2nd, 3rd)
South side of main lobby (1st, 2nd)
always ON 1st floor lobby, 2nd floor lobby, 200, 202, 207
AH03 Tower, including 901 M-F: 0530-1800 901, 915, 919
AH04 Center section (1st, 2nd) South of corridor
North side of main lobby (1st, 2nd)
North wing computer labs and meeting room
always ON 1st floor lobby, 2nd floor lobby, 141, 142, 163, 209, 228
AH05 North wing, Basement, 1st floor (North side offices). North lobby M-F: 0530-1800 1st floor North wing lobby
AH06 North wing, 2nd, 3rd floors M-F: 0530-1800 242
AH11-12 Auditorium (stage, main floor, and balcony) M-F: 0530-1800 107

Application for Graduation

When a student begins his/her final semester, application for graduation will need to be completed. Refer to the Graduate Studies website for specific information and due dates.



Assistantships - Beginning


  • HR Generalist - Natural Resources Business Center - Leo Masek:,  237i North HARH, EC 0972   Phone: 402-472-0833

Students beginning assistantships must meet with the HR Generalist in the Natural Resources Business Center (NRBC) prior to beginning the assistant or promptly at the start. Bring the following items to the meeting:

  • Original Social Security Card
  • Photo ID (e.g., Driver's License, passport)
  • Copy of a voided check or other bank document that shows bank routing number and account number

Assistantships - Termination


  • Graduate Admissions Coordinator - Patty Swanson:,  229d South HARH, EC 0982   Phone: 402-472-5355
  • Natural Resources Business Center HR Generalist - Leo Masek:,  237i North HARH, EC 0972   Phone: 402-472-0833

If, during the course of the semester, a student decides to leave the position, it is expected he/she will give 30-day notice. Likewise, if there is a need to terminate an assistantship, a student will be given 30-day notice. Students should be aware if their assistantship is terminated, either by themselves or the department, before completing 120 continuous days of employment (PER SEMESTER), all tuition and health benefits will be forfeited and the entire cost for those benefits will once again post to their student account. Should a student choose to resign from his/her assistantship, he/she must submit a letter of resignation to his/her supervisor, Graduate Studies, and NRBC. He/She may request a copy of the original signed offer letter from the Office Associate for Student Services.


  • Students must work with their adviser to establish a plan to transfer information, data, samples, files with data entry, as well as the raw data sheets and unanalyzed samples (and any other information as directed by your adviser). Also, given that a student may still be on the grant payroll for the month, he/she may be expected to complete any tasks that are in line with transferring duties over to other members of the lab or the research team.
  • Contact the Natural Resources Business Center (NRBC) HR Generalist regarding payroll information, forwarding address and phone, and to provide a letter of resignation.
  • Contact the Office Associate for Operations to return any Hardin Hall keys.
  • If applicable, return a parking permit to Parking and Transit Services for discontinuation and possible refund.
  • Return all University equipment/property/supplies/education materials.
  • Clean out your cubicle and return cubicle keys to the Graduate Admissions Coordinator.

Assistantships for Research

Graduate students may receive a paid research or teaching assistantship during the course of their degree program. Each assistantship has a set number of hours associated with it, either at 0.33 FTE (no more than 13.2 work hours per week; 9 hours of tuition remission per semester) or 0.49 FTE (no more than 19.6 work hours per week; 12 hours of tuition remission per semester). Graduate Assistants are considered employees, and their work assignments are normally independent of their graduate program. Advisers/supervisors are to discuss their expectations with the students; total work hours are not to exceed the limit set by their FTE. If the graduate assistant is not meeting expectations, they may lose their assistantship, but may continue on their degree program. A student must be on the assistantship for the full semester in order to receive the benefits.

More information is available at:


Faculty may fund a GRA from their grants or, for new faculty, from startup funds. In the future, the School will have a limited number of Graduate Research Assistantships (GRAs) which will be awarded by the Graduate Committee. SNR stipend rates can be found in shared drive"SNR Info" (S:\")

Work Hours

Assistantship appointments are usually 0.49 Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) and require work hours of 15-19.6 per week. Select Assistantships may have .33 FTE and work hours of 10-13.3 per week. Work assignments can be independent of the student's graduate program. Advisers/supervisors are to discuss their expectations with the students; total work hours are not to exceed the limit set by their FTE.


Assistantships provide students with income, tuition remission (12 credit hours per semester, and up to 12 in the summer, depending on stipend amount paid), and health insurance at a reduced rate. More information can be found at:

Health coverage for the fall semester is from mid-August through December and for the spring semester is January through mid-August. More information can be found at:

For faculty who fund assistantships, make note that the funding source will be billed once each semester approximately 47% for tuition and health insurance. More information can be found at:

Athletic Tickets and other Discounts for Employees

Refer to this website for information about athletic tickets and other discounts and services for employees:

Building Hours


  • Events Manager - Jacki Loomis:,  121a South HARH, EC 0961   Phone: 402-472-7550

Hardin Hall's exterior doors and hallway doors are unlocked from 7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. They are locked evenings, weekends, and University Holidays.

Door schedules are adjusted to accommodate classes and events scheduled through SNR staff.

If there are after-hours access issues that require immediate attention, contact the UNL Police Department at 402-472-2222.

Please do not prop doors open.

Building Maintenance Reporter (BMR) for Hardin Hall


  • Office Associate - Operations - Karen Gilbert:,  101 South HARH, EC 0961   Phone: 402-472-8197

Each building on campus has a person assigned to report facility-related issues for repair and maintenance (e.g., door does not lock, window is broken, water leak, flickering light, occupancy sensor turns off when room is occupied, electrical circuit is out). BMR lookup:

If the problem is an after-hours emergency, dial 0 from a University phone (there is one located in the tower lobby) for the University Operator and leave a call-back number where the service personnel can reach you for additional information.


The School of Natural Resources Bylaws. Approved on November 26, 2018.



  • Department Calendar - Maria Hansen:,  909 South HARH, EC 0989   Phone: 402-472-9873

Outlook email has a calendar feature. SNR Administration checks availability via Outlook calendars when scheduling meetings. Use this calendar to enter all work-related meetings, appointments, conferences, vacation leave, etc. In order to help schedule meetings, training, and events, please keep your calendar current to show the times that you are/aren't available.

To create a calendar appointment click on "new appointment" and fill in the fields. To make it a meeting and invite others, click on "invite attendees".

Note: the default is that others can see "busy", "free", "tentative", etc. If you want someone to see the specific titles (e.g. "Meeting with John Doe" or "Vacation in Colorado" etc.), click on "share calendar", enter the person's name, and click on "allow recipient to view your calendar". Or, click on "folder", "calendar properties", "permissions", and follow the prompts to allow specific access that is unique to a specific individual(s).

If you need to see the calendar(s) of other employees to check their availability, click on calendars, "Open calendar from address book", and then enter the person's name and click "Ok". It will take a few moments for the data to download and then it's ready to view. After that, the person's name will appear in the left column. For easy future access, simply click on the box next to the person's name.

You may enter non-work related appointments and events on this calendar. Keep in mind that the information you enter is on University-owned software and therefore privacy is not guaranteed.

Campus Map

Current Choose city or east campus from the drop down menu.



Faculty are able to request classrooms in which they would prefer to teach. However, final classroom assignment is based on enrollment and class schedule. Conference rooms are used as classrooms only when absolutely necessary.

Each classroom in Hardin Hall is equipped with an LCD projector, computer, and internet access. LCD projectors, laptops, and overhead projectors are also available for check-out through the resource database. Technicians are available to train instructors on the use of classroom equipment. Audio/Visual and computer wallpaper can display SNR related activity pictures and information; contact the SNR Webmaster to submit information/images to post.

Prior to the start of each semester, staff will ensure that teaching supplies are in each Hardin Hall classroom. If classroom supplies are low during the semester, contact the Office Associate for Operations.

Classrooms in Hardin Hall:

  • HarH 023 - Teaching Wet Lab, capacity 30 students
  • HarH 024 - Teaching Wet Lab, capacity 30 students
  • HarH 107 - Auditorium, capacity 128 students (main floor with tables), 242 students (balcony with theater-style seating)
  • HarH 141 - Computer Lab, 23 computers/seats
  • HarH 142 - Computer Lab, 24 computers/seats
  • HarH 162 - Classroom, capacity 42 students
  • HarH 163 - Classroom, capactiy 60 students

Commencement Ceremony

Students who have completed their program may participate in the commencement ceremony at the end of the semester in which they complete their program.

Masters Commencement Ceremony:

Doctoral Hooding Ceremony:

Communication - Email

All UNL Faculty and Staff are required to use the university's email system for their business-related email. Any personal email accounts used for university business are subject to open records requests.

SNR uses email for communicating with faculty, staff, and graduate students. All email group lists maintained by SNR have “SNR” at the beginning of the “Name” (i.e. SNR Faculty), which allows SNR-maintained group lists and contacts to be grouped together in the UNL-GAL address book which is available in Outlook.

Email Lists that SNR Maintains in the UNL-GAL:

  1. SNR All Employees (consists of SNR Faculty, SNR Staff, SNR Graduate Assistas, NRBC, emeritus faculty, and visitors officed in Hardin Hall)
  2. SNR Committee Promotion and Tenure
  3. SNR Core Program Area Applied Climate Science and Spatial Science
  4. SNR Core Program Area Applied Ecology
  5. SNR Core Program Area Environmental Science
  6. SNR Extended Program Area Applied Climate Science and Spatial Science
  7. SNR Extended Program Area Applied Ecology
  8. SNR Extened Program Area Environmental Science
  9. SNR Faculty (excludes courtesy, adjunct, emeritus, visiting faculty)
  10. SNR Graduate Assistants (consists of grauate students on SNR-paid assistantships)
  11. SNR Graduate Students-NRES (consists of all graduate students admitted into NRES graduate program)
  12. SNR HarH Occupants (includes everyone with office space Hardin Hall)
  13. SNR Staff

Hints for Using the SNR Group Lists:

  1. If you try to send to a group list that no longer exists you will get an error message that the group no longer exists or that you do not have permission to send to the list.
  2. If the auto-fill feature in the address lines (To, CC, BCC) show a deleted group list, remove them by clearing the AutoComplete cache in Outlook.
  3. If you want to email all employees and graduate students use two lists: SNR All Employees and SNR Graduate Students (Outlook will remove any duplicates.)
  4. If information needs to be addressed to one specific floor in Hardin Hall use the group list SNR HarH Occupants AND indicate at the start of the subject line that the message is for a certain floor.

Communication - Listservs

Once an employee receives notification that an email account has been setup, they must subscribe to an IANR listserv to receive announcements from IANR administration.

To subscribe to an IANR listserv so you will be assured of receiving information disseminated from IANR Administration, follow the below instructions:

NOTE: You must be at your office computer to do this; upper/lower case does not matter. If you are a faculty member, the listserv will be IANR-faculty; if you are a staff member, the listserv will be IANR-staff.

  1. Address e-mail to:
  2. Subject line must be blank
  3. Delete any automatic signature block
  4. In the message only include one of the following based on your appointment:
    • subscribe IANR-faculty firstname lastname
    • subscribe IANR-staff firstname lastname
  5. Send

SNR Related Listservs

Inside SNR  (departmental electronic newsletter)

People who are not SNR employees are welcome to sign up for Inside SNR, the School's e-newsletter, at:

Employees are automatically signed up to receive Inside SNR as part of their employment. When you leave SNR, you will be removed from the listserv. To continue to receive Inside SNR, you must use the above link to remain on the listserv.

SNR Wellness Information

Information and activities sponsored and endorsed by the SNR Wellness Committee

Join the listserv here.

SNR Diversity & Inclusion Information

Information and news from the Diversity & Inclusion Committee.

Join the listserv here.

Computer recommendation for incoming SNR students


  • Computer Specialist - Gregg Hutchison:,  226 South HARH, EC 0982   Phone: 402-472-5436
  • SNR Recruiter - Elyse Watson:,  102a South HARH, EC 0981   Phone: 402-472-7471

ESRI ArcGIS is the most demanding software being taught in SNR classrooms. The software only runs on Windows-based computers, but it can be used on Apple computers with Bootcamp or Parallels (See SNR IT support for detailed instructions). SNR computer labs have this software installed and accessible to all SNR students 24/7. N-Card is required to access the labs after hours.

Here are the recommended specs for Windows laptops or desktops:

  • Windows 10 64-bit
  • Core i5 or above
  • 8GB of RAM
  • 250 GB Hard Drive (or SSD) with at least 30 GB of free space

Here are the MINIMUM recommended specs for Macbooks or Apple desktops:

Windows 10 and Parallels licenses can be purchased at discounted prices from the Computers Store on City Campus Union.

Go to detailed instructions for installing ArcGIS on your Macbook or Apple desktop. NOTE: If you are not comfortable doing this yourself, please stop by the SNR IT Support office (HH 226) or UNL Help Desk (Love Library's basement) for assistance.



  • Computer Specialist - Gregg Hutchison:,  226 South HARH, EC 0982   Phone: 402-472-5436

UNL Computer Use Policy


Employees and students will claim their university computer ID and password through UNL's Information Service Department. The Computer Specialist will use that information grant access on any SNR computer in Hardin Hall, e.g., the 24/7 computer lab (HarH 162), the computer teaching classrooms (HarH 141 and 142), the conference rooms (HarH 202, 207, 209, 901), the teacher's podium in the classrooms (HarH 163 and 228), teaching wet labs (HarH 023 and 024), and the Auditorium (HarH 107).

Internet and Email Services

As part of the SNR Onboarding process, supervisors are asked to provide computer and software needs. The Computer Specialist will set up the computer and assist new employees with access to the internet, email, and printers.

After a new employee has been entered into the payroll system (SAP), the new employee will be asked to activate a UNL email account. Anyone with an appointment 6 months in length or greater must have a UNL email account. A supervisor may request that an employee with an appointment less than 6 months in duration have a UNL e-mail account.


All members of SNR with a computer login have access to a common network. This network allows us to share files and for our computers to be backed up.

All computers in classrooms, conference rooms and the auditorium are connected to the same network. When logging onto those machines, the same drives are accessed, based upon the login.

Each person has access to a P drive (personal drive), which only they can access by logging on with their ID/password and a Z drive, which all SNR Employees access; the Z drive is erased every Monday morning. Regular employees will have access to an S drive, which is used by SNR administration to provide employees with their job description, training records, course evaluations, etc.

Files saved to any networked drive, except the Z Drive, are backed up nightly. To recover a backed up file, contact the Information Technology (IT) group.


To provide optimum efficiency in computer support, SNR will require that all computer purchases be made through SNR Computer Support personnel and will be eligible for Tier 1 service. SNR Computer Support will maintain 99.9% or greater security for P drive, S drive, and network drives. Computers purchased without involvement of SNR Computing Support will be eligible for Tier 2 services; it is recommended that an outside business/person is used for software purchases and installation.


Computer purchased through SNR Computer Support (Tier 1)

  1. Computers will be chosen from a few select makes and models, determined by the SNR IT Manager.
  2. SNR Computer Support will provide data security with the P drive and network drives and offer a monthly backup of the C drive on each system.
  3. Full hardware support will be provided/available on each system.

Computers purchased without involvement of SNR Computer Support (Tier 2)

  1. SNR Computer Support will provide the following software for the user to install and configure:
    • Symantec anti-virus
    • Outlook/Office 365
    • Office 2013
    • VPN software, userid, and password for accessing network resources
  2. No additional software support. User is responsible to maintain copies of all software purchased and installed, in case it's needed later for reinstallation.
  3. No backup support. This is entirely the user's responsibility. If/when the system crashes; it is the user's responsibility to restore the system back to factory original specs. The user will have to reformat the hard drive and restore it to the day it was purchased, reinstall the software, and restore data from their backups.
  4. No mapping of network drives. Instructions, however, will be provided for the users to do it themselves.
  5. No hardware support.
  6. No trouble-shooting. If there is a problem or question, the user will deal directly with the factory and/or authorized service center.


  • Services
    • Hardware: computers, printers, color lasers, scanners, etc.: order, install/set up, maintain, update.
    • Software: Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Office 2013/2016, Symantec, Windows Update, etc.: order, install, maintain licenses, update.
    • Network: activate ports; register Ethernet cards; assist wireless access; set up on UNL network; set up network laser printers; maintain login scripts; personal and group drives.
    • Servers: file servers - personal and group drives; print servers - audit, track and restrict printing; web servers - host School and School-related web sites; backup servers.
  • Pricing
    • There are no charges for basic computer and audio-visual support services for SNR personnel during regular University hours.
    • AV service during non-regular hours are billed at cost.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Contact the Computer Specialist to get that setup on your computer.


Contact the Computer Specialist to help you set up your computer.

Contact Information

Work Address

The street address for Hardin Hall is 3310 Holdrege Street, Lincoln, Nebraska 68583-0961.

For campus mail, use the person's name, room number, building abbreviation (see PeopleFinder on UNL webpages), campus (EC or CC) and 4-digit zip code. For example,

   Room # HarH
   EC 4-digit zip code

When your office location is assigned or changed by SNR Administration, the Natural Resources Business Center (NRBC) will be notified and will input the information into SAP. It can be verified through Firefly Employee Self Service, and will be posted online in PeopleFinder. Information can be excluded at the employee's request. Provide changes to the Time Entry Specialist.

Field Work

When conducting field work outside of Hardin Hall, faculty, staff, and students are asked to provide contact information to the front desk. This can include a cell phone number or the phone number of a location where they will check-in periodically.

Home Address

To view and edit/change a home phone or address:

  1. Logon to Firefly.
  2. Select "Employee Self Service."
  3. Select "Address & Emergency Contact" in the Personal Information section. (right hand column)
  4. Edit your Permanent Address and/or Current Address.
  5. Click "Review."
  6. Click "Save."

A verification message will come to the employee's email account. This is to ensure that the changes were done purposely and that the account has not been compromised.

Emergency Contact

For benefits eligible employees, the University maintains several addresses in the employment record, including one specifically used as the person(s) to be notified in an emergency situation - in the event that an employee becomes ill or is injured at work and is unable to speak for him/herself.

To view and edit/change emergency contact information:

  1. Logon to Firefly.
  2. Select "Employee Self Service" (top left of the page).
  3. Select "Address & Emergency Contact" in the Personal Information section (right hand column).
  4. Click "Edit" in the Emergency Contact field.
  5. Update the necessary fields.
  6. Click "Review."
  7. Click "Save."

To add additional Emergency Contacts, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click "New Emergency Contacts." Complete all the fields as noted above. Click "Review" to validate the changes and then "Save" on the following screen to complete the process.

Contacts should be listed in the order you prefer to be contacted.

If you need assistance in formatting your address, click here to view tips on US Postal Service formatting standards.

A verification message will come to the employee's email account. This is to ensure that the changes were done purposely and that the account has not been compromised.

Contact the Natural Resources Business Center (NRBC) for further assistance.

Web Directories/PeopleFinder

If a phone number, e-mail address, or office location for a member of SNR is needed, the directories on the SNR website will provide the most up-to-date information.

If the category of the employee is unknown or if the person is outside of SNR, there are several options to locate the contact information:

  • UNL website Search Bar (at the top right of the page).
  • PeopleFinder Icon (people with a magnifying glass under the UNL search bar). The PeopleFinder now also includes departmental information.
  • Online UNL Directory.

These web based directories should have the most up-to-date information. If an error is noticed, please let the Alumni Coordinator know so that corrections can be made.

Copiers and Copy Codes

A copy machine is available for use in the Nebraska Maps & More Store on the 1st Floor Tower Lobby. It does both black and white and color copying. Contact your advisor if you need to make copies related to your work and research. He/She can provide you with a code to use or request that one be established for your use through the Office Associate for Operations.

SNR utilizes a cost-per-copy program through Copy Services and, following University Service Center Policy, charges only enough to cover expenses. Paper cost is incorporated into the cost-per-copy charge. The Copier Coordinator will educate/train new SNR employees to understand the process.

If you have a special copy project that requires special paper, you will need to provide that paper yourself.

Copiers are located in the following areas in Hardin Hall.

Hardin Hall Room Copier Location
101 1st floor in Nebraska Maps & More
121 1st floor in the mail room
427 4th Floor of Tower
527 5th Floor of Tower
827 8th Floor of Tower
923 9th Floor of Tower

Personal copies can be made for $0.03 a side (black and white) and $0.20 a side (color) in the Nebraska Maps & More Store (101 Hardin Hall).

Cost Object

The University uses cost objects for all business transactions between units. They are also referred to as "cost centers," "WBS elements" or "accounts." Grant funds are 13 digits long; State, Revolving, or Overhead funds are 10-digits long. Your supervisor can provide you with the cost objects you are to use. New faculty will be given cost objects by the Natural Resources Business Center (NRBC). Below is an explanation of what the numbers mean.

State, Revolving or Overhead Funds:














Fund type





Number within Department

Grant or Auxiliary (13 digits)


















Fund type







WBS element

   2 UNL
   3 UNMC
   4 UNO
   5 UNK
   9 UNCA

Fund Type:
   1 State-Aided Non-revolving
   2 State-Aided Revolving
   3 Auxiliary
   4 Federal Letter of Credit
   5 Federal Funds
   6 Trust Life-to-Date
   7 Trust Year-to-date
   8 Plant & Loan funds

   05 Arts & Sciences
   61 CASNR
   62 ARD
   63 Extension

   28 SNR in Arts & Sciences
   38 SNR in IANR (CASNR, ARD, Extension)

Course Evaluations

Students are encouraged to complete course evaluations at the end of each semester. These are done electronically.

Course Syllabus


  • Assistant to the Director - Christine Steggs:,  908 South HARH, EC 0989   Phone: 402-472-8120
  • Adminstrative Associate - Maria Hansen:,  909 South HARH, EC 0989   Phone: 402-472-9873

Each course is required to have a syllabus that is distributed to students and emailed to the SNR Administrative Associate no later than 5 PM the first Friday of class. SNR shall maintain a database of all NRES and WATS home courses, and all other courses taught by SNR faculty.

UNL Faculty Senate Syllabus Policy: All courses must have a syllabus and all syllabi must include specific information about the instructor, course requirements, grading policy and schedule for examinations. This policy may be found at

Instructor guide to developing a syllabus is in Canvas:

CASNR information for teaching may be found at

Each syllabus must include:

  • The name of each Teaching Assistant (if applicable)
  • A Late Assignment Policy with a clear statement regarding penalties for late work
  • The following language: “Students with disabilities are encouraged to contact the instructor for a confidential discussion of their individual needs for academic accommodation. It is the policy of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to provide flexible and individualized accommodation to students with documented disabilities that may affect their ability to fully participate in course activities or to meet course requirements. To receive accommodation services, students must be registered with the Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) office, 132 Canfield Administration, 402-472-3737 voice or TTY.”
  • If the course is ACE-approved, syllabus must include the Student Learning Outcome (SLO) that will be achieved, a brief description of the opportunities the course provides for students to acquire the knowledge or skills necessary to achieve the SLO(s), and a brief description of the graded assignments that will be used to assess the students' achievement of the SLO(s).
  • Academic Dishonesty, Policy Appeals, and Grade Appeals Policy

Crime Prevention and Safety

In an effort to raise awareness for safety of individuals, university property, and personal property, the University of Nebraska Police Services Department and the Division of Student Affairs invite all students, faculty, staff, and visitors to review UNL policies on:

Custodial Services

Custodial Services staff are scheduled to work in Hardin Hall from 4:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, unless otherwise noted. They are not authorized to empty recycling bins marked with the recycling logo or do any cleaning not listed on their website. See Go Green for recycling information. The trash pickup schedule is as follows:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9th Floor Tower 5th Floor Tower 1st Floor Tower 2nd Floor Tower 1st Floor North
6th Floor Tower 8th Floor Tower 1st Floor South 2nd Floor South 2nd Floor North
4th Floor Tower 3rd Floor Tower
7th Floor Tower 3rd Floor North

If the University is closed on your floor's day for service you will have service the following business day.

A list of the services/frequency provided by Custodial Services can be found at their website: If you have a specific custodial request, contact the Office Associate for Operations.

Degree Program Options for the Doctoral Degree

PhD in Natural Resource Sciences

Degree Program Options for the Masters Degree

MS in Natural Resources Sciences

Departmental Photograph


  • Graduate Admissions Coordinator - Patty Swanson:,  229d South HARH, EC 0982   Phone: 402-472-5355
  • SNR Webmaster - Mark Mesarch:,  913 South HARH, EC 0989   Phone: 402-472-5904

SNR will have a photographer in Hardin Hall twice during the semester to take student pictures for the SNR student diretory. Dates and times will be announced via email. A picture, in jpeg format, may also be submitted to the Office Associate for Student Services.

A photograph of each employee is maintained on the SNR website as our employee directory and a way for internal and external constituents to get to know us. Please contact the SNR Webmaster to arrange for your photo to be taken.

Faculty are asked to additionally arrange for a formal photograph through University Communications. Contact Greg Nathan, Digital Photography Specialist, 1217 Q Street,, 402-472-2666.

You will need to complete and submit the SNR Image Release Form for use of the photo.

Designing and Presenting Research Posters


  • Graphic Designer - Dee Ebbeka:,  229 South HARH, EC 0982   Phone: 402-472-7526
Contact Dee Ebbeka, Graphic Designer, for questions regarding designing, printing, and presenting a research poster.

Digital Commons

Digital Commons is a collaborative service of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln libraries. Faculty, researchers, and students associated with the University of Nebraska–Lincoln are invited to deposit materials for long-term preservation and world-wide electronic accessibility.

Categories include:

  • The Open-Access Archive: Organized by Departments, Centers, and Research Groups: Contains more than 22,700 articles, papers, ebooks, documents, presentations, creative activities, master's theses, open-access dissertations, etc. Free to all users.
  • Peer-Reviewed Journals and Series (open-access)
  • UNL Dissertations from ProQuest-UMI: More than 10,890 PhD dissertations from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. Includes all dissertations 1902-present. Free full-text access from UNL campus connections. Users from outside UNL have free abstracts and 24-page previews, with the option to purchase electronic full-text. This area is managed by ProQuest. University of Nebraska users from off-campus should use the link below for free access.
  • Free Dissertations from off-campus with NU ID: University of Nebraska–Lincoln faculty, staff and students can get free full-text, access to dissertations from off-campus with an NU ID number. Enter here - Do not use the Search box at the right.

SNR shall provide administrative documents to digital commons as part of our record retention policy. These documents shall include, but are not limited to, all those relating to the Comprehensive Review conducted every five years, which includes the self-studies.

Doctoral Dissertation Nature and Scope

Regular discussions with your adviser will help you identify the specific objectives of your research. Narrowing your topic should be done with help from your adviser and committee members.

Doctoral Program Candidacy

Doctoral candidacy is not the same as admission to or enrollment in a doctoral program; it is a specific stage of doctoral program progress.

Apply for Candidacy:

Once a student becomes a doctoral candidate, the student is required to enroll continuously until the program is completed.

Request for Certification of Full Time Status:

Doctoral Program Committee Formation

  • Natural Resource Sciences students must have primary adviser (chair of the committee) chosen prior to completing their application.

Eligible Advisers

Doctoral Program Final Oral Exams

Final Oral Exam is often called the "Defense."

  • The Application for Final Oral Examination must be filed at least 3 weeks before final oral exam.
    Before the form is submitted: (1) The two designated readers must read the dissertation and sign the form. (2) The chair or co-chairs must also sign.
  • Scheduling: The final oral should be scheduled at a time when a majority of the committee, including the chair/co-chairs, can attend. The time and date of the oral examination must be recorded on the form.
  • For more information: Refer to the Graduate Studies Bulletin.

Contact the Office Associate for Student Services to reserve a room in Hardin Hall for the defense.

Research responsibility requirements:

Doctoral Program Forms

The UNL Office of Graduate Studies provides the necessary forms for completing a doctoral program. They can be viewed at

Doctoral Program Requirements

The UNL Office of Graduate Studies provides a timeline for completing a doctoral program. This timeline can be viewed at

Dress Code

SNR offers employees flexibility in their clothing selection to help them be more comfortable in the completion of their daily activities and work assignments. It is understood that employees will use good taste and judgment when selecting their clothing, and will avoid wearing garments that are damaged or revealing. The School supports casual dress (to include jeans).

Enrollment - Final Semester

The School of Natural Resources follows UNL Graduate Studies requirements for graduate student enrollment. The UNL Office of Graduate Studies does not require a graduate student to be enrolled for credit hour(s) in the semester they plan to graduate if all course work requirements have been met. International students and those with student loans may need to be enrolled and should contact the Office of Graduate Studies at 402-472-2875.

Event Planning and Related Services


  • Sales and Event Manager - Jacki Loomis:,  121a South HARH, EC 0961   Phone: 402-472-7550


  • Manage planning for SNR sponsored events: determine venue; handle contracts; manage registration and accounting; develop packets and related materials.
  • Provide pre- and post-event reports of activities, attendees, and finances.
  • Pricing - standard pricing is 7% of registration fee to cover credit card fees and related costs, costs may vary depending upon the nature of the event.

Exam Requirement for Successful Completion of the Degree


  • Graduate Admissions Coordinator - Patty Swanson:,  229d South HARH, EC 0982   Phone: 402-472-5355
  • Sales and Events Manager - Jacki Loomis:,  121a South HARH, EC 0961   Phone: 402-472-7550

Examination Requirement

All master's students are required to complete a comprehensive examination -- written and/or oral as required by the appropriate academic department.

  • The written exam, if required, must be completed within 24 months prior to the date of graduation.
  • When an oral examination is required, the examining committee will consist of at least three members representing the major department and the minor department (if applicable), recommended by the major department and approved by Graduate Studies. NOTE: No outside member required.
    • All professors on the examining committee must have Graduate Faculty status -- full or associate.
    • If a committee member leaves the employ of the University or retires, a replacement should be appointed. When continuing expertise is needed and the faculty member is willing to continue serving, the departing faculty member may remain as a member or co-chair of the committee, with approval of the department Graduate Committee and Graduate Studies.


SNR requires a comprehensive examination is required of all students and covers the student's approved program of study. It generally will be administered within 10 months of graduation and typically in the semester prior to the one in which the student plans to graduate. The exam will consist of written and oral examinations administered by the adviser, as directed by the student's committee.

It is the student's responsibility to work with their adviser and MS/MA/PhD specialist in Graduate Studies to obtain specific details. Refer to the Graduate Bulletin for further details.

Preparing for the Exam

  • Contact the Graduate Admissions Coordinator to make sure all necessary paperwork in on file. Final Oral Examination and Thesis Defense Forms may be found on
  • Contact the Sales and Events Manager to reserve a room.


SNR is primarily housed in Hardin Hall on east campus at UNL (at the northeast corner of the intersection of 33rd and Holdrege Streets). Faculty, staff, and laboratories are also located in the CSD Annex, East Campus Service Building, Kiesselbach Crops Research Laboratory, Natural Resources Research Annex, and the Water Sciences Laboratory. Outside of Lincoln, we have faculty in the research and extension centers in Scottsbluff, North Platte, and Norfolk. Off-campus field sites include the Barta Brothers Ranch, Nine-Mile Prairie, and Prairie Pines. We conduct research at a variety of locations throughout the state. For more information about SNR's facilities see Location & Facilities on the SNR website.

Fax Machines


  • Office Associate for Sales - Lisa Greif:,  101 South HARH, EC 0961   Phone: 402-472-3679
  • Sales and Events Manager - Jacki Loomis:,  121a South HARH, EC 0961   Phone: 402-472-7550

The Nebraska Maps & More Store (101 Hardin Hall) has general use fax machine for faculty, staff, and students. There is no cost for sending faxes. Recipients of incoming faxes will be notified and may pick up fax in 101 Hardin Hall. If fax is not picked up, it will be held at the front desk.

The Office Associate for Operations, Office Associate for Sales, or the Sales and Events Manager can provide instructions on how to use the fax machine upon request.

A complete list of all fax machines in Hardin Hall is given.

Hardin Hall Room Fax Location
402-472-2946, 1st floor Nebraska Maps & More (recipient will be notified and may pick up fax in 101 Hardin Hall; if fax is not picked up, it will be held at the front desk).
402-472-2722, Coop Unit, 4th floor, Coop Conference Room.
402-472-8763, High Plains Regional Climate Center, 7th floor in Shellie Hanneman's office.


Firefly is the University's web-based system that allows employees to manage their leave requests, print payroll stubs and W-2s, make changes to their home address/phone and W-4, allocate credits for the Employee and Dependent Scholarship Program (full-time employees only), complete NUFlex benefit paperwork, etc. Payroll stubs are archived, so there is accessibility to current and past pay stubs. Your ID is your NU ID # (on your NCard); passwords for benefit-eligible employees are created and provided by email by UNL's SAP Coordinator, Beth Benson, 313 ADMS, CC 0429, 402-472-2100, several weeks after a new employee has been hired.

Food Trash

To prevent health hazards and nuisance, food trash from Hardin Hall offices should be taken to one of the outside trash containers or the trash bin in the loading dock area. Hardin Hall custodial staff, if notified in advance, will provide extra trash cans for food trash associated with special events in public areas of the building.

GIS/Graphics Service Center


  • Develop and maintain survey-related GIS databases.
  • Develop GIS databases for faculty and staff research and projects.
  • Provide GIS support for faculty and staff research and projects.
  • Develop maps and graphics using GIS databases. Provide technical support for GIS software.
  • University contact for ESRI software/technical support.
  • Provide general and technical assistance for GPS.
  • Maintain handheld GPS units for general use.
  • Large format scanning and plotting.
  • Produce maps, graphics and high-quality illustrations and drawings.
  • Produce posters and slide presentations for professional meetings.
  • Produce flyers, brochures, hand-outs and displays.
  • Flat-bed scanning, slide scanning, lamination, foam board mounting and comb binding.


The GIS/Graphics Service Center is required to charge fees to cover the cost of operating expenses, equipment, materials and supplies. An hourly rate for these services has been determined based on equipment costs, depreciation, licensing fees and replacement needs. The hourly fee covers such expenses as phone lines, Internet connections, computers, large format plotter, large format scanner, laminator, printers and software and licensing fees. Additionally, all materials are charged at cost with no markup. The cost of materials covers such expenses as plotter paper, foam board, laminating film and other miscellaneous supplies. The following is a list of all fees charged through the GIS/Graphics Service Center.

  • Hourly rate – $6.00/hr.
  • Large format plotting
    • Plain, coated paper – $1.00/ft.
    • Glossy paper – $2.00/ft.
  • Color laser prints – $0.25/pg.
  • Lamination (glossy) – $ 0.30/ft.
  • Lamination (satin) (large format) – $ 1.50/ft.
  • Foam board
    • 30" x 40" (adhesive) – $7.00/ea.
    • 48" x 72" (adhesive) – $22.00/ea.
    • 40" x 60" (non-adhesive) – $5.00/ea.
  • Mylar – $2.00/ft.

Note: For long term projects, a customer may be referred to CALMIT to make use of their services.

Talk with the Graphics Specialist to get information on UNL logos and policies for appropriate use.

Go Green - reduce, reuse, recycle!


  • Sales and Events Manager - Jacki Loomis:,  121a South HARH, EC 0961   Phone: 402-472-7550

Environmental stewardship, preservation, and sustainability are important in SNR. We participate in recycling and energy conservation programs.


Unwanted equipment, books, etc., are to be reused within the department whenever possible. If we cannot find a new use and the item was purchased with University funds, it must be sent to Inventory. Complete the Surplus Equipment Pickup form, and send to Inventory Coordinator.


SNR follows a self-serve recycling model for HarH South Tower floors. Self-serve recycling bins are located in Tower floors 3-9, basement near door 14, and 2nd floor north. Occupants of these areas are responsible for taking full bins to room # 138 and bringing back an empty bin. Each area can determine their own plan for servicing their bin, such as a rotating volunteer schedule or designated volunteer. Again, SNR will not provide any service to bins in these areas. SNR will continue to provide service in public areas, conference rooms and classrooms.

How to help SNR Recycling work best for you and your colleagues:

  • Always transfer bins to the Dock after bins ar half full, our Recycling Service only empties bins that are at least half full.
  • Never put corrugated cardboard in a recycling bin. Corrugated cardboard must be taken to the designated outdoor bin so UNL can sell the cardboard. You can also write "Trash" on the cardboard and place it in tower hallways for custodial staff to pick it up and take to the outdoor bin.
  • Never put any material contaminated with food waste in the recycling bin. Food waste can contaminate a load of recyclable materi. Please, No Pizza Boxes and the like!
  • Get a fresh bin from the Dock if you are working on an especially large recycling project, there are always spare bins located there.

Thank you for being green!

Contact the Sales and Events Manager with questions.

Graduate Admissions Coordinator Role


  • Graduate Admissions Coordinator - Patty Swanson:,  229d South HARH, EC 0982   Phone: 402-472-5355

The Graduate Admissions Coordinator is available to answer student questions pertaining to academic procedures related to degree programs.

Graduate Chair Role


  • Graduate Committee Chair - Dan Snow:,  202 WL, EC 0844   Phone: 402-472-7539

The Graduate Committee Chair is responsible for:

  • Assuring fair and consistent compliance with all Graduate College policies and for overseeing student appeals.
  • Overseeing all graduate degrees, majors, specializations, minors and certificate programs in SNR.
  • Facilitating the agenda and deliberations of the graduate committee and assisting them to create graduate programs in which exemplary students are held to high expectations.
  • Helping colleagues design cutting edge curriculum, examinations and research requirements, and assist them in providing attentive mentoring for all graduate students.
  • Assuring that every graduate student is held to the highest standards of academic integrity.

Additional information can be found at

Graduate Committee Role

The SNR Graduate Committee is comprised of seven faculty members, six of which must have their graduate faculty home in SNR. The seventh member may have a courtesy, adjunct, or partial appointment in SNR. Committee members shall be elected for staggered three-year terms and may serve two consecutive terms. The SNR Graduate Student Association (SNR GSA) elects a representative who serves on the Graduate Committee in matters of policy and procedures but is not involved in screening prospective students or in deliberations involving an individual student.

The major duties of the Graduate Committee include:

  • Evaluating the academic qualifications of applicants for admission into the Natural Resource Sciences degree programs.
  • Establishing that applicants meet any departmental requirements that are over and above those set forth by the Graduate College.
  • Approving the program of study for Masters students and the supervisory committee for PhD students.
  • Monitoring the progress and academic performance of students at the request of the faculty adviser; recommending to faculty advisers necessary changes in graduate student status.
  • Taking corrective action when unsatisfactory progress is evident.
  • Awarding graduate teaching assistantships.
  • Making recommendations pertaining to curricular changes in graduate courses.
  • Suggesting and modifying graduate degree programs and areas of specialization.
  • Establishing a minimum passing grade for the comprehensive exam and a procedure in the event of a failing grade on a question or the exam; and maintaining quality and uniformity of the examining procedure.
  • Approving the oral exam procedure.
  • Be available for graduate students who have concerns or issues they cannot resolve with their adviser(s) or committee.
  • Assist in finding an adviser for a graduate student when the adviser leaves UNL and is unable to supervise the student through his program.
  • Modifying, as needed, the SNR website regarding SNR graduate student policies and procedures.

For additional information on the SNR Graduate Committee, including committee members, visit

Graduate Student - Fellowships and Travel Grants

Students whose major is within the College of Agricultural Science and Natural Resources may be eligible to apply for IANR fellowships and travel grants.

More information can be found at:

Graduate Student Association (GSA)


The purpose of the School of Natural Resources Graduate Student Association (SNRGSA) shall be to serve as a representative body for all of the graduate students in the School of Natural Resources, to promote a closer relationship within the graduate student community, to serve as a channel of communication between graduate students, faculty and staff, and to foster professional development.

Learn more about the group and the plans for each school year at the Fall Welcome, which is held the first Friday of the Fall semester .

Meeting times will be announced via email.

Contact SNRGSA via email at

For more information visit the SNR GSA website.

For more information, visit SNR GSA website.

Hardin Hall Tour


  • Events Manager - Jacki Loomis:,  121a South HARH, EC 0961   Phone: 402-472-7550

If you have been assigned a space in Hardin Hall, the Alumni Coordinator will take you on a tour of Hardin Hall that includes your assigned work space, work room, copier location and basic use, location of supplies, location of rest rooms, break rooms, department bulletin boards, name and phone number of building maintenance reporter, name/phone/email of other SNR service providers, location of refrigerators/microwaves (for employee use), vending machines, fire extinguishers, exits, alarms, secured storage area for personal items, location and use of fax machines, etc. Rules will also be reviewed regarding coffee and personal use of refrigerators.



  • Assistant to the Director - Christine Steggs:,  908 South HARH, EC 0989   Phone: 402-472-8120

Work-related injuries and illness may occur. When this happens, if an employee has a paid appointment with the University, he or she and the supervisor need to report the work-related injury or illness as soon as possible to the UNL Benefits Office. Emeritus faculty*, retired staff, visitors, guests, and students** are not eligible for Worker's Compensation. If they are injured while on University property, they must use their personal funds/insurance to cover any medical expenses.

* Emeritus faculty who sustain a work-related injury or illness while doing a paid assignment for the University will qualify for worker's compensation.

** Students who are employees (e.g. on paid assistantships or student workers) and sustain a work-related injury or illness will qualify for worker's compensation, for that specific injury or illness. If they are injured while walking to class, that injury is not covered under worker's compensation.

Links to the forms are avaialable on the SNR website at Accident/Injury forms.

Additional information about work-related illnesses and injuries may be found at

Inter-Campus Agreement for Tuition Billing

If a student enrolls in a course at another NU campus (i.e. UNK, UNO), his/her benefits will cover this tution. However, it is important that he/she contact the Graduate Studies Office to let them know of the situation. There is an NU system, inter-campus agreement in place for processing the tuition, but it is not automated. Graudate Studies will contact the appropriate campus, such as UNK and request that they send UNL Graduate Studies the tutition bill. The current contact is Jane Schneider (402-472-8670, The student will need to provide his/her name, student ID number, and a description of the situation. Enrolling in such a course should be done only in response to an adviser's request to do so, or in consultation with the adviser. There are restrictions based on the number of credit hours in which the student is enrolled. Contact Graduate Studies before enrolling so that ensure processes and responsibilities are understood. This is not something an adviser can assist with.



  • Office Associate - Operations - Karen Gilbert:,  101 South HARH, EC 0961   Phone: 402-472-8197

When you begin your studies, if you have been assigned a workspace in the graduate student cubicles in Hardin Hall, the Office Associate for Student Services will provide you with a key for the cabinets in that workspace. There is a $5 deposit for the cubicle cabinet key.

If you will be working in a lab or other locked space in Hardin Hall, your advisor will work with the faculty responsible for the space who must provide written authorization to the Office Associate for Operations for you to access the space. A $10 deposit is required for each key. Upon leaving SNR, you will return all of your keys receive refunds for keys assigned through SNR. Refunds are in the form of a State of Nebraska warrant (check). A valid mailing/forwarding address will need to be provided so that the check can be mailed.

When room assignments are made at the time of hire or relocation, keys will be ordered by the Office Associate for Operations (OAO). A $10 deposit is required for each interior door key. If you need access to other rooms, your supervisor should notify the OAO with these room number(s) so that these keys can be ordered, additional deposits will be required. Upon leaving employment with SNR, you will receive refunds for keys assigned through SNR; refunds are in the form of a State of Nebraska warrant (check). A valid mailing/forwarding address will need to be provided so that the check can be mailed.

Your office key will unlock the work room on your floor except 1st floor north work room 150, which is unlocked each morning, and for 4th floor which has a coded lock. The OAO will provide the door code when you move onto the floor.

Keys - Agronomy and Horticulture Buildings

TJ McAndrew, Research Facility Coordinator, Agronomy and Horticulture, Keim Hall, 202, East Campus. Please call or email him to schedule a time to do this: or 402.472.1486 There you will complete the form and obtain your keys. If your supervisor determines and approves after-hours access with your NCard, TJ will help you with that as well.



  • Adminsitrative Associate - Maria Hansen:,  909 South HARH, EC 0989   Phone: 402-472-9873

Contact the Administrative Associate if you need departmental letterhead. It should be used only for official University business related to your work and research. The template will be delivered to the recipient via email.

The first page of any letter on letterhead should be printed on N-Bond paper. Subsequent pages will be printed on plain paper. The SNR standard is to include a header of Personal Title, First Name, Last Name, Date, Page x of x on any pages following the first page of multi-page letters. This is represented on our template when text reaches the second page. No footer is required.

To save your personalized letterhead from within Word:

  1. Click on the File Tab (Word 2010) or Office symbol (Word 2007) in the upper left corner.
  2. Click "Save As."
  3. Select the location in which you'd like to save the letterhead template.
  4. In the "Save As Type" field, click "Word Template."
  5. Give your personalized letterhead a name.
  6. Click "Save."

The primary office associates for the School can assist you in making changes to the letterhead as needed and retain a copy of the file.

Library Services

The NCard (University ID) provides authorization to use the Library facilities. Library locations are below; additional information can be found at

UNL Libraries Location
(City Campus unless otherwise noted)
Love 13th & R Street
Architecture 308 Architecture Hall
C.Y. Thompson 38th & Holdrege (East Campus)
Engineering W203 Nebraska Hall
Geology 10 Bessey Hall
Mathematics 14 Avery Hall
Music 30 Westbrook Music Building
Schmid Law 152 McCollum Hall (East Campus)

Lost and Found


  • Office Associates located in the Nebraska Maps & More Store: n/a,  101 South HARH, EC 0961   Phone: 402-472-3471

The School of Natural Resources will hold Lost and Found items in Room 101 Hardin Hall (Nebraska Maps & More Store), for a period of 30 days. Items not claimed after 30 days will be forwarded to the UNL Police Department or disposed of in accordance with UNL Policy.

See UNL Campus Police Lost and Found policies.



  • Office Associate - Operations - Karen Gilbert:,  101 South HARH, EC 0961   Phone: 402-472-8197

The Office Associate for Operations (OAO) is the primary mail handler for the School. This includes pickup, delivery and mail box maintenance. Each SNR employee and graduate student with an assigned workspace in Hardin Hall is assigned a mail folder in 121 Hardin Hall (HarH 121). The OAO will provide a code for after hours access.

Outgoing mail can be placed in the outgoing mail in the First Floor Tower Lobby (just outside the Nebraska Maps & More Sotre) or in the outgoing mail slot in HarH 121. It is picked up on odd numbered days before 9:30 a.m.; incoming mail is delivered on odd numbered days after 10:00 am. Outgoing USPS and statehouse mail requires a return address that includes the four-digit zip-code extension, campus mail does not. SNR pays for most outgoing mail, but large mailings must be separately charged by completing a Postal Billing Form and attaching it to the outgoing mail. The OAO can provide the necessary forms.

For graduate assistants, thesis research items (including reprint requests) may be mailed at the School’s expense. Personal mail is not allowed (a USPS mailbox is located one block east of Hardin Hall and at the East Campus Union Bookstore).

The OAO will also assist with USPS, FedEx, UPS and other vendor shipping requests.

Mail Service Locations
Building Room #
Conservation & Survey Annex No mail service
Hardin Hall (HarH) 121
Kiesselbach Crop Research Lab (KCRL) 102, 205
Natural Resources Research Annex (NRRA) No mail service

Masters Program Deadlines


  • Graduate Admissions Coordinator - Patty Swanson:,  229d South HARH, EC 0982   Phone: 402-472-5355

The UNL Office of Graduate Studies provides a timeline for completing a masters program. This timeline can be viewed at

Masters Program Final Oral Exams


  • Graduate Admissions Coordinator - Patty Swanson:,  229d South HARH, EC 0982   Phone: 402-472-5355

Final Oral Exam is often called the "Defense."

  • The Application for Final Oral Examination must be filed at least 3 weeks before final oral exam.
    Before the form is submitted: (1) The two designated readers must read the dissertation and sign the form. (2) The chair or co-chairs must also sign.
  • Scheduling: The final oral should be scheduled at a time when a majority of the committee, including the chair/co-chairs, can attend. The time and date of the oral examination must be recorded on the form.
  • For more information: Refer to the Graduate Studies Bulletin.

Contact the Graduate Admissions Coordinator to reserve a room in Hardin Hall for the defense.

Research responsibility requirements:

Final Defense of the Thesis (Option I)

The final defense of the thesis takes place during the semester in which the student intends to graduate. The final examination consists of two parts: a seminar on the thesis topic (described above) and a formal oral examination. These two parts are generally held on the same day. Thesis examinations are open to all Graduate Faculty. Active participation in the examination process (other than at the seminar) is at the discretion of the adviser and the student's advisory committee. Additional information can be found at

Masters Program Forms

The UNL Office of Graduate Studies provides the necessary forms for completing a masters program. They can be viewed at

Masters Thesis Nature and Scope

Regular discussions with your adviser will help you identify the specific objectives of your research. Narrowing your topic should be done with help from your adviser and committee members.

Memorandum of Courses - Changes

  • After the Memorandum has been filed with Graduate Studies, any changes to the Memorandum must be submitted in writing.
  • Changes may be submitted by the student's adviser in a memo/email to the Masters Specialist outlining the additions, deletions, or substitutions.
  • It may or may not be possible to change the Option.
  • Refer to the Graduate Bulletin

Memorandum of Courses - Filing Procedure

  • The Memorandum of Courses must be submitted by the student to the Masters Specialist in the Office of Graduate Studies prior to the completion of half of the program. It is required for candidacy.
  • "Incompletes" and "no reports" count as completed courses.
  • A student may not file a Memorandum of Courses and graduate in the same semester or summer session.
  • It is the student's responsibility to obtain signatures and submit the form to Graduate Studies.
  • For more information see

My.UNL Account, Email (Outlook) Activation, and TrueYou Account (Firefly, etc.)


  • On-Boarding Services - Maria Hansen:,  909 South HARH, EC 0989   Phone: 402-472-9873

After you receive your UNL ID number mentioned above, go to and follow the detailed instructions. For consistency, when creating your email account please use this format: first initial, last name, and a number. For example, John Doe could be

After you have completed the accounts above, please send a notification email with "Last name, First Name: Accounts Activated" in the subject line to There is no need to type anything in the body of the message. After we hear from you, our staff will be able to complete the remaining steps for your on-boarding processing. (E.g. for faculty, this step initiates your access to the Graduate Admissions Management & Evaluation System (GAMES).

NCard (Photo ID)


  • Office Associate - Operations - Karen Gilbert:,  101 South HARH, EC 0961   Phone: 402-472-8197
  • Graduate Admissions Coordinator - Patty Swanson:,  229d South HARH, EC 0982   Phone: 402-472-5355
  • HR Personnel General - Natural Resources Business Center - Leo Masek:,  237i North HARH, EC 0972   Phone: 402-472-0833

Your NCard is your student ID at Nebraska. It is used for identification, access to certain buildings and labs, and educational discounts. It also offers the optional service of purchasing items on campus.

To obtain your NCard, first register for classes and then take a current photo ID and your NU ID number to the NCard Office located in Room 121 of the Nebraska Union, 14th and R Streets, City Campus. Office hours are Monday - Friday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. There is a $20 issuance fee, which will be charged to your consolidated account. You will receive an e-mail notification that your consolidated account statement is available online for you to access via MyRed. If you were a UNL undergraduate, you do not need a new NCard.

Once your NCard is issued, you will be authorized to access Hardin Hall. Student authorization is established by the Office Associate for Student Services (OASS) in conjunction with the Alumni Coordinator.

The NCard is the Photo Identification for University employees, students, visiting personnel. Visiting personnel and others who require an NCard for building access or library use, but are not paid by the University, will receive an Affiliate NCard, which is white in color. NCards are used for identification, door/building access, library, obtaining parking permits and/or bus passes, campus recreation center, NCard charge account, Wells Fargo banking, and educational discounts at area businesses. For a list of discounts, go to

Once your NCard is issued, you will be authorized to access Hardin Hall. Employee authorization is established by the Alumni Coordinator.

The NCard charge account can be used as a credit card at City and East Campus food vendors (a special application is required).

If your card is lost or damaged beyond normal wear-and-tear, a replacement fee of $20 is charged. A reduced replacement fee will be charged for stolen cards if accompanied by proof of theft, such as a police report or insurance claim form.

You are encouraged to get your NCard as soon as possible as it will be needed to obtain your parking permit, etc. To learn more about the NCard or credit card option, go to


If you are an employee, your NCard application will be provided by the Natural Resources Business Center (NRBC) HR Generalist, after you have been entered into our payroll system (SAP). If you are a visitor (not paid by UNL), your NCard application will be provided by your supervisor or the Alumni Coordinator after you complete a volunteer-affiliate form.

Troubleshooting for Building Access Problems

The NCard is based on proximity to the card reader. Most of our card readers can read the magnetic information through a purse, wallet, or backpack. Once the card is recognized and authorization is approved, a beep will sound, the reader light will turn green, and the door will unlock. If your NCard is recognized but not authorized, the reader will beep and the door will not unlock. If your NCard is not recognized, the reader light will continue to show red. This usually means the NCard has gone bad or someone has changed your NCard authorization. For problems, alert the Alumni Coordinator. Provide the door number, date, and approximate time you attempted to use your card, and they can check the system. You can also take your card to the NCard office to have them check it. Oftentimes, the card has "gone bad" and needs to be replaced, which can only be done at the NCard Office. This is considered normal wear-and-tear and will be replaced at no cost to you. If you have not completed your degree but are not registered for classes, your NCard access may be affected. Contact the Alumni Coordinator to resolve this.

Nebraska Maps & More Store (Map and Publication Sales and Distribution)


  • Sales and Event Manager - Jacki Loomis:,  121a South HARH, EC 0961   Phone: 402-472-7550

SNR maintains a walk-in and on-line store ( where customers can purchase SNR and US Geological Survey (USGS) publications. In addition, the store is Nebraska's only USGS Earth Science Information Center (ESIC) outlet. As such, it is authorized to sell USGS products, including complete topographic map coverage of Nebraska. The walk-in store is open 8 a.m. -5 p.m., Monday - Friday, closed weekends and major holidays. The on-line store is open 24/7. Those receiving funding from SNR receive a 35% discount on their purchases. Items bearing the N logo already include the employee discount.


  • Retail operation for the sale and distribution of books, maps, brochures, etc. produced by SNR and others.
  • Distribution of informational material to the general public.
  • Packet preparation for outreach and workshop activities.
  • Preparation and staffing for SNR presence at outreach events such as annual meetings, workshops, festivals, etc.


Black and White Copying

Color Printing

  • Small lot (50 pages or less), normally completed the same day, $0.15 to $0.30 per side depending on paper size and amount of color.
  • Large lot (over 50 pages) will be outsourced to UNL Copy Center or other vendors, allow additional time for completion of your project. $0.07 to $0.50 per side.

New Employee Orientation

Within the first month of employment, all new regular employees are to attend New Employee Orientation (see schedule below) offered by Human Resources. The program gives an overview of UNL, its functions, policies, and benefits. Time used to attend New Employee Orientation is considered hours worked. If you are submitting a time sheet, these hours are to be recorded as "regular" work hours. New Faculty will be invited to attend a New Faculty Orientation scheduled for the Wednesday before Fall classes start.

Additional information about New Employee Orientation, including the schedule of orientation sessions is available at

Nondiscrimination Policy

The School of Natural Resources adheres to UNL's policy regarding non-discrimination. The policy can be found at

Notary Service


  • Wilma Gerena:,  422 South HARH, EC 0984   Phone: 402-472-0449
  • Shellie Hanneman:,  713 South HARH, EC 0997   Phone: 402-472-6706

Notaries in Hardin Hall.

Office Hours for Teaching Faculty


  • Graduate Admissions Coordinator - Patty Swanson:,  229d South HARH, EC 0982   Phone: 402-472-5355

All teaching faculty are required to set and keep office hours or to otherwise be accessible/responsive to students. If hours are established, they must be provided to the Office Associate for Student Services who will make it available to others. Teaching faculty are expected to respond to student inquiries within 48 hours of receiving them.

Office Supplies


  • Office Associate for Operations - Karen Gilbert:,  101 South HARH, EC 0961   Phone: 402-472-8197

As a student you are expected to provide your own basic office supplies to function in the student capacity. If you are in need of specific office supplies related to your work or research or as part of an assistantship, work with your adviser to determine if funds are available for the purchase. If it os determined that supplies can be purchased an order must be placed with Office Depot. You will need to provide the item number, description, and a cost object as you complete the Order Form and submit it to the Natural Resources Business Center (NRBC) Office Depot Order Coordinator.

The General SNR Supply List shows the general office supplies that are available to employees in 123 Hardin Hall (HarH 123).

A limited supply of select items is maintained. Additional supplies can be ordered through Office Depot at discount prices under the University contract. To order supplies through Office Depot that are not on the below list or are a large quantity, you will need to provide the item number, description, and a cost object as you complete the Order Form and submit it to the Natural Resources Business Center (NRBC) Office Depot Order Coordinator.

Opening Shared Outlook Mailboxes


  • SNR IT Support - Gregg Hutchison:,  226 South HARH, EC 0982   Phone: 402-472-5436

Multiple Outlook mailboxes can be accessed in a single applications if the mailboxes are set up to display in the application. The follow are instructions of how to set the display in each platform.

Shared mailbox Outlook Navigation



  • Event Manager - Jacki Loomis:,  121a South HARH, EC 0961   Phone: 402-472-7550
  • Office Associate for Sales - Lisa Greif:,  101 South HARH, EC 0961   Phone: 402-472-3679

On Campus Parking

There is no free parking on campus. If you will have a car, purchase your parking permit from Parking and Transit Services online or in person in the Stadium Drive Parking Garage. Parking permits are issued annually at the beginning of each academic year (Fall Semester) and are valid through the following August. However, per semester, month, and day are also options. A map of available student lots can be at

There is no free parking on campus. If you wish to park your car on campus, purchase your parking permit from Parking and Transit Services online or in person in the Stadium Drive Parking Garage. Parking permits are issued annually at the beginning of the fiscal year (July 1) and are valid through the following June. Faculty on 9-month appointments may purchase a 9 month permit which is valid during the Fall and Spring semesters. A map of available lots can be at

Parking and Transit Services can issue temporary handicap parking permits. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) can help with longer terms special parking needs; contact the Equity, Access, and Diversity Programs office to setup an accommodation.

If you are driving a rental car or other vehicle and are using your hangtag to park on campus, be sure to register that vehicle with Parking and Transit Services.

A free bus pass (valid for both campus and city bus systems) is also available for all registered students.

Service and Delivery Permits

Service Delivery Permits are available for occasional use by faculty, staff, and students for business purposes only. The Service Delivery Permits are valid in the following University parking areas only if placed in a vehicle with a valid University of Nebraska - Lincoln parking permit (other than "P" permits): City and East Campus Area A, any Service and Delivery spaces and spaces marked for the use of our department. Check out Service Delivery Permits at the Nebraska Maps & More Store.

Off Campus Parking

Street parking available on the streets surrounding East Campus. When parking in the neighborhoods be courteous to those in the neighborhood. Watch for snow emergency information following snow storms.


Remember to register your bicycle, if you plan to bike to campus. Secure bikes only on bike racks.


Guests/Visitors, persons other than students, employees, and vendor/contractors who occasionally visit UNL for scholarly work, pleasure, or business, may park in the designated Visitor Parking. If no Visitor Parking spaces are available, visitors may park in unmarked spaces and obtain a Departmental Guest Permit from the Office Associate for Operations in the Nebraska Maps & More Store.

If you are hosting an event which may have more than five visiting vehicles, you must request Conference Permits, available for $8.00 each from UNL Parking & Transit Services. See the Sales & Event Manager for assistance with Conference Permit orders.

Parking permits from UNK, UNO, and UNMC may be used on the UNL Campus. However, any University of Nebraska faculty, staff, and students who are primarily assigned to the UNL campus must purchase a permit from UNL's Parking & Transit Services Office and may not use permits from other campuses.

State of Nebraska vehicles do not need parking permits to park on campus and may park in any unmarked or non-metered spaces. Government vehicles (except State of Nebraska vehicles) require Departmental Guest Permits to park on campus or may park and pay in a metered space.

For additional information see the Parking & Transit Services website.

East Campus Weekend Parking

Parking Services does not monitor University parking lots on East Campus after 4 p.m. on Fridays through 7 a.m. on Mondays. You may park an unregistered or non-permitted car on campus during those times.

Even though the lots are not monitored, all departments on East Campus are to provide event/parking information to Mackayla Kelsey in the Vice Chancellor's office via a Weekend Events Log at least 10 days before a scheduled event. The Vice Chancellor's office will provide that information to the Special Events staff in Parking and Transit Services. If the event is within 10 days, the department is still required to complete/submit the log form. If the special event on the UNL East Campus requires more than parking space (i.e., parking attendants, reserved parking or covered meters), the unit hosting the event will be responsible for paying the additional costs.

If SNR Event Planning staff is working with you on an event, they will complete/submit the log for you. If you are not working through SNR Event Planning staff, you are responsible for completing and submitting the form.


If you have a land-line phone:

  • Campus university numbers beginning with 472 are dialed as -XXXX
    • 2 and the last four digits of the peon's phone number
  • Non-campus university numbers are dialed as 9-XXX-XXX-XXXX
    • 9 and the area code plus the numb
  • Non-campus, long-distance university numbers are dialed as 9-1-XXX-XXX-XXXX
    • 9, 1, and the area code plus the numbe

Policy on Incomplete Course Grades and Research/Thesis/Dissertation Hours

Course Grades

Students taking graduate courses should check with their instructor on what their responsibilities are to remove an incomplete. Normally there is no time limit for graduate students to remove an incomplete. However, the instructor does have the option of determining the requirements for completing the course and requisite date for removal of incompletes. It is helpful to have these requirements in writing to ensure there is no miscommunication between the instructor and student.

Additional information about incompletes may be found at

Research/Thesis/Dissertation Hours Grades

Incomplete grades for research, thesis or dissertation hours are no longer assigned. A letter grade may be assigned OR, in lieu of an 'I' (Incomplete), one of the following may be assigned:

  1. IP: (In progress) indicates satisfactory work in progress (i.e., student is making progress or effort as determined by the faculty supervisor). The "IP" would stand until the final examination, at which time a grade of "P" or a letter grade for all dissertation hours is submitted to the Registrar.
  2. XP: (No progress) indicates students are not making adequate progress on their thesis or dissertation work. Consecute "XP" (as determined by the graduate program committee) may result in the graduate committee taking action to inform the student and Graduate Studies regarding continuation of the student's graduate study.

Note that on the final transcript, the "IP" and "XP" grades will count towards attempted hours but for Financial Aid purposes, they will count differently. Both grades will convert to an "I" on the official record if not graded as P (Pass) or with a letter grade. Because the "XP" grade will not be used in calculating the GPA, no direct academic sanction, such as academic dismissal from the University, will be imposed for earning one or more "XP" grades.

Note: if an XP for graduate research, thesis or dissertation hours is earned, please visit with your advisor about completing a course syllabus listing expectation and goals for the upcoming semester (see Rights and Responsibilities/Probation and Termination).

Poster Presentation Template Example


  • Resource - Shawna Richter-Ryerson:,  911 South HARH, EC 0989   Phone: 402-472-6515

Poster presentation format has be mired in the same old format for eons. Mike Morrison suggests a new type of format with benefits both the presenter and the viewer.

The design consists of three main areas

  • Bold large main points allow viewers to get to the meat of the research quickly and move on to the next poster.
  • A sidebar with more detailed discussion/graphics allows the viewer to dig in deeper to the posters theme if the author is not present or engaged with another viewer.
  • Another sidebar is a detailed area for the presenter to keep track of key points or items they want to use in their interaction with a viewer.

You can access an UNL/SNR branded version of this at folder (Windows - W:\Logos and Presentations\Poster_template\Poster_template.potx) or (Mac - //snr-fileserver/G1$/Logo and Presentations/Poster_template/Poster_template.potx)

Sample Poster Template

Mike Morrison is actually investigating how well this design works and is interested in your comments. Download his original design at or contact him at Mike.A.Morrrison

Poultry Barn Storage Area


  • Christine Steggs:,  908 South HARH, EC 0989   Phone: 402-472-8120

The Poultry Building H & I is a storage facility for several groups within SNR. The building is located to the east of Warehouse 1 off of the East Campus Loop. FloorPlan as of 11/1/2014.

PowerPoint Template


  • Developer - Shawna Richter-Ryerson:,  911 South HARH, EC 0989   Phone: 402-472-6515

PowerPoint Templates with UNL/SNR branding can be found in the SNR Group Drive folder (Windows - W:\Logos and Presentations\PowerPoint) or (Mac - //snr-fileserver/G1$/Logo and Presentations/PowerPoint/). Five different versions are currently available.

Sample PowerPoint Template

Public Image Policy

To assist the School in achieving its vision of international recognition, a Public Image/Branding Policy has been implemented. All employees and students are asked to follow it whenever possible.


All publications and electronic and hard copy communication shall adhere to the University's branding efforts. SNR employees shall utilize University-approved logos in hard copy and electronic communication and will maintain a positive public image in their communications.

Any SNR employees or students using UNL-supported e-mail (Huskers, Outlook/Office 365) shall refrain from expressing personal opinions through the inclusion of quotes, jokes or other statements added to their signature block.

Procedures include consistent use of email signature block, letterhead, PowerPoint templates, and maintaining current information on the SNR website.

Faculty/staff using Outlook/Office 365 shall select letterhead within policy allowance.

Faculty/staff email signature block is to include:
First Name Last Name, Title
(optional:) Center or program area, i.e., Nebraska Maps & More, Conservation & Survey Division, High Plains Regional Climate Center, Tern & Plover Conservation Partnership
School of Natural Resources
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Room # Building
Street Address (Hardin Hall is at 3310 Holdrege Street)
Lincoln, NE 68583-0989 USA
(intentional blank line to distinguish address)
phone: 402-472-XXXX
(optional) phone: 402-472-3471 (SNR main phone)
fax: 402-472-2946
Optional: individual website, center website, work-group website, other (must be work-related)
SNR web site:
Optional: UNL-related website

Sample Signature Block

Jane Doe, Office Associate
School of Natural Resources
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
101 Hardin Hall
3310 Holdrege Street
Lincoln, NE 68583-0961 USA

phone: 402-472-5555
fax: 402-472-5555
SNR web site:

Registering for Classes

Discuss with your adviser which classes to enroll in.

You must register for classes using MyRed. Consult the Graduate Bulletin for course descriptions and the Schedule of Classes for course times and locations. You must register for at least one class before you can get an Ncard.

Responsibilities of the Advisee

The School of Natural Resources encourages all students to do the following:

  • Devote an appropriate amount of time and energy toward achieving academic excellence and earning the advanced degree.
  • Be aware of time constraints and other demands imposed on faculty members and program staff.
  • Take the initiative in asking questions that promote understanding of the academic subjects and advances in the field.
  • Communicate regularly with faculty advisers, especially in matters related to research and progress within the graduate program.

For additional information see

Responsibilities of Thesis/Dissertation Advisor

The School of Natural Resources encourages all graduate student advisors to do the following:

  • Provide a clear map of the requirements each student must meet, including course work, languages, research tools, examinations, and thesis or dissertation, and delineating the amount of time expected to complete each step.
    • Meet with masters student to complete Memorandum of Courses (MOC) after the student's first semester and prior to the student completing their 15th credit hour. Student's cannot submit their MOC and graduate in the same semester.
    • Meet with PhD student to complete Program of Studies (POS) when 45 hours need to be completed. These hours must exclude coursework on research tools, language requirements, or collateral courses. The completed POS form must be submitted in the same term (semester or summer) as approval of the Supervisory Committee.
  • Annually evaluate student progress and provide report to SNR Graduate Admissions Coordinator.
  • After a student receives their first XP for graduate research, thesis, or dissertation hours, the student's advisor must complete a "course" syllabus (see template) in which the advisor (in consultation with the student and his/her supervisory committee) lists the expectations and goals for the student for the upcoming semester (i.e., the semester following the one in which the student received the XP). The course syllabus is to be submitted to the SNR Graduate Committee by the 6th week of class. If the student earns a second XP in a row, a termination of the program or change in advisor may be requested by the SNR Graduate Chair. If necessary, the SNR Graduate Chair subsequently sends a letter to the Dean of Graduate Studies recommending termination of the student's program (note: the department can only recommend dismissal). The Dean will review the recommendation and, if approved, will dismiss the student from the program (
  • Meet with students weekly (at minimum) to:
    1. Help students develop interpretive, writing, oral, and quantitative skills, in accordance with the expectations of the discipline.
    2. Assist graduate students in the development of grant writing skills, where appropriate.
    3. Take reasonable measures to ensure that graduate students who initiate thesis or dissertation research/creative activity do so in a timely fashion, regardless of the overall demands of the laboratory/studio.
    4. When appropriate, encourage graduate students to participate in professional meetings or display their work in public forums and exhibitions.
    5. Stimulate in each graduate student an appreciation of teaching, and promote the acquisition of teaching skills where appropriate.
    6. Create an ethos of collegiality so that learning takes place within a community of scholars.
    7. Prepare students to be competitive for employment which includes portraying a realistic view of the field and the job market and making use of professional contacts for the benefit of their students, as appropriate.
    8. Create an environment of the highest ethical standards and insist that the student behave ethically in all their professional activities.

    For additional information see

Scheduling Conference Rooms, Classrooms, and Other Resources


  • Event Manager - Jacki Loomis:,  121a South HARH, EC 0961   Phone: 402-472-7550
  • Graduate Admissions Coordinator - Patty Swanson:,  229d South HARH, EC 0982   Phone: 402-472-5355
  • SNR Webmaster - A/V Computer Wallpaper - Mark Mesarch:,  913 South HARH, EC 0989   Phone: 402-472-5904

If you need to make use of a Hardin Hall conference room or resources that are available for check out, contact the Sales and Event Manager. If you need to use a classroom, contact the Graduate Admissions Coordinator to make arrangements.

SNR room and resource reservations are available through the Outlook/Office 365 calendar. Availability of rooms/resources can be checked as well. Click here for reservation instructions.

Reservations for Classrooms, Teaching Labs, and the Auditorium require approval from the SNR Resources approvers. You will be notified if/when your request is approved or rejected, usually within 24 working hours. Researvations for uncontrolled rooms will be system approved upon entry if the space is available. Jacki Loomis is the primary approver for conference rooms and resouces. Patty Swanson is the primary approver for classrooms.

The table below shows that rooms available for reservation and their features.

Hardin Hall Conference Room Seating Capacity A/V Features Phone Line
107 South 128 main floor with tables, 242 balcony Networked computer, overhead projector, laser pointer, lavalier microphone, hand-held microphone, Zoom None
202 South 10 Networked computer, overhead projector, Skype, Zoom 402-472-7571
207 South 20 Networked computer, overhead projector, Skype, Zoom 402-472-6664
209 South 20 Networked computer, overhead projector, Skype, Zoom 402-472-8724
228 South 27 (seminar style) Networked computer, overhead projector, Skype and Zoom by special request of SNR IT or with your web cam None
901 South 40 Networked computer, overhead projector, Skype, Zoom 402-472-6730
915 South 6 None None
919 South 4 None None

NOTE: The following rooms must be reserved through the personnel listed or approval will be sought from them:

Room Personnel to contact about a reservation
023 South Graduate Admissions Coordinator
024 South Graduate Admissions Coordinator
141 North Graduate Admissions Coordinator
142 North Graduate Admissions Coordinator
162 North Graduate Admissions Coordinator
163 North Graduate Admissions Coordinator

All computers in classrooms, conference rooms and the auditorium are networked. When logging onto those machines, the same drives are accessible as on their office computer. Audio/Visual and computer wallpaper can display SNR related activity pictures and information. Please contact the SNR Webmaster to submit information/images to post.

SNR Calendars


  • Events Coordinator - Jacki Loomis:,  121a South HARH, EC 0961   Phone: 402-472-7550
  • Communications Associate - Shawna Richter-Ryerson:,  911 South HARH, EC 0989   Phone: 402-472-6515

Today in SNR, the daily SNR calendar, is displayed on the monitors in the lobbies, posted near each elevator throughout Hardin Hall, and appears on the SNR Employee Information web page.

The SNR Calendar is intended to highlight events that the public is welcome to attend. It is also included in the College of Arts and Sciences calendar.

Information that is of a personal nature or not work-related may be posted in the Employee Lounge (204 Hardin Hall) and Student Lounge (239 Hardin Hall).

SNR Graduate Student Ombudsperson

Patricia Freeman has been appointed as the SNR Graduate Student Ombudsperson. Contact Information: E-mail or leave voice mail message on cell; texting to cell phone okay; do not call her UNL number and leave voice mail.
Cell Phone: 402-464-7002
Office Address: 229e HARH, EC 0982


The SNR Graduate Student Ombudsperson is a resource for graduate students who have academic advisers with an SNR appointment or who are receiving financial support with supervision from SNR faculty. The SNR Ombudsperson will serve as a resource for SNR graduate students by operating as a facilitator, assisting in explaining procedures and advising graduate students in complaints and conflict situations.

The position is not to be a resource for SNR undergraduate students.

The ombudsperson will meet at least twice a year (early in the fall and spring academic semesters) with SNR graduate students to explain the position and its functions.

The Ombudsperson will listen in an unbiased manner to the concerns of graduate students, clarify procedures, discuss options and when required or requested act as an intermediary or as an advocate for the graduate student.

The Ombudsperson will work to ensure fair processes for the graduate student and promote the SNR commitment to excellence in graduate education. In assisting the graduate student the Ombudsperson will use confidentiality, neutrality, independence and flexibility and will place emphasis on non-adversarial problem-solving options such as mediation, rather than formal, rights-based options.

Patricia Freeman, SNR Graduate Student Ombudsperson
Patricia Freeman, SNR Graduate Student Ombudsperson


If there are issues between an SNR graduate student (advisee) and their adviser, the following five-step process should be followed to resolve such issues. NOTE: An SNR graduate student is defined as having an academic adviser faculty with an SNR appointment or receiving financial support with supervision from SNR faculty.

Any SNR graduate student may meet with that Ombudsperson before or after any of the steps in the following process.

The graduate student and the Ombudsperson (when involved) should document each step undertaken in the process.

  1. The advisee should speak with the adviser about the issue. The advisee may request the Ombudsperson to be present at such a meeting
  2. If there is no resolution in step 1, the advisee should meet other members of the advise's supervisory committee. The advisee may request the Ombudsperson to be present at such a meeting.
  3. If there is still no resolution after steps 1 and 2, the advisee should schedule a meeting with the SNR Graduate Committee. That meeting will include: the advisee, the adviser, available SNR Graduate Committee members and Ombudsperson. The Committee will recommend ways in which the advisee and adviser can work together to resolve the issue. Such recommendations may include proceeding to step 4.
  4. If the outcome of that meeting and recommendations do not satisfactorily resolve the issue, the advisee and adviser will be required to meet with the Ombudsperson to attempt to resolve the issue.
  5. If the outcomes of steps 1 through 4 do not resolve the issue, the advisee and adviser will meet with the SNR Director for final resolution of the issue. The Director will consult the Ombudsperson in making a final resolution.

The Ombudsperson will report to the SNR Director on all meetings with SNR graduate students. These reports will be confidential regarding the identity of the graduate student and affected faculty adviser if related to Steps 1 and 2 of the above process. If the process reaches Steps 3, 4 or 5, confidentially would not be possible and the affected graduate student and faculty adviser would be so advised before proceeding to those steps.

The Ombudsperson would make periodic reports to the SNR faculty on meetings with graduate students that maintain the confidentiality of the graduate student and affected faculty.

Personnel Qualification

The position of the Ombudsperson should be filled by a faculty member with UNL emeriti status from SNR or another UNL unit upon recommendation of the SNR graduate committee and approval of the SNR director. The person ideally should have teaching, advising and graduate student supervisory experience (teaching or research) prior to attaining emeriti status. The person would serve a two-year term with the potential to be reappointed once. The Ombudsperson would be provided with a private office in Hardin Hall and afforded the benefits and services of emeriti faculty in SNR.

SNR IT Policy

SNR IT Support must adhere to UN Security Standard outlined here:

SNR Security Standard for Logins

  1. All users must use their Active Directory accounts for logins
  2. No local accounts will be allowed on SNR computers
  3. Only SNR faculty, staff, and students can log into SNR computers located in Hardin Hall labs, classrooms, and conference rooms
  4. Individual SNR computer logons will be limited to the assigned SNR user and SNR IT Support

Patch Management Standard for Servers

  1. Required hotfixes and critical security updates will be applied as soon as available by SNR System Admin
  2. Any other updates from Microsoft will be installed and tested on the SNR Test System first before installation on other systems.
  3. The standard testing time for patches and fixes will be at least 2 weeks to ensure they are working properly.
  4. SNR System Admin will test and approve patches before installing them.

SNR Firewalls

  1. Open firewall ports are allowed for software licenses, files and print servers only
  2. Any requests for allowed ports will be processed through SNR System Admin
  3. UNL-ITS networking team will maintain SNR Firewalls
  4. Requests for allowed ports will be submitted by SNR System Admin to UNL-ITS Firewall Team

Shared resources access request

  1. All access requests must be made by the owners to SNR System Admin
  2. Only SNR System Admin will approve the requests
  3. Access will be removed when the user leaves and/or is transferred from SNR.

Shared Common Drive Protocol

  • All files and folders on the Z drive are erased at 1 am Sunday morning every week through an automated process.
  • The Z drive is an unsecure location; it is not backed up and files can be deleted by any user at any time.

Computer Purchase

SNR requires that all computer purchases be made through SNR Computer Support personnel.

  1. Computers will be chosen from a few select makes and models. SNR IT will work with the users to buy the right equipment for their needs while staying within budget.
  2. SNR Computer Support will provide data security and backup for the network drives.
  3. Full hardware and software support will be provided/available on each system.

* Computers purchased without involvement of SNR Computing Support will not be eligible to receive SNR IT support


  1. SNR IT is not responsible for any data users have on local or portable hard drives on their office computers.
  2. Office computer and data backups are the responsibilities of the users.
  3. Research data will be handled and backed up according to the guidelines of the grant providers, and the users are responsible for these data.
  4. It is recommended that users backup their local hard drives to off-site resources or cloud storage at least once a week. SNR IT can provide recommendations.

Used Technology Fee Computers

To be eligible for a Used Technology Fee computer, a graduate student:

  1. Must be currently enrolled in a UNL graduate program
  2. Must have an office in the SNR department in which the computer is to be housed
  3. Must not currently have a UNL computer

The graduate student must adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. The student will not receive administrator rights to the computer.
  2. The student will not install any software or hardware onto the computer.
  3. The computer cannot be given to another student.
  4. The computer must be returned to SNR IT upon graduate student leaving UNL.
  5. It is the responsibility of the advisor to provide a cost object for computer repairs.
  6. If the computer is not used weekly, it will be given to another graduate student.
  7. The student will only receive one computer.
  8. The student is responsible for backing up their data before returning the Used Technology Fee computer back to SNR IT.

SNR Managers


  • Assistant to the Director - Christine Steggs:,  908 South HARH, EC 0989   Phone: 402-472-8120

The SNR Managers oversee support services in the areas of administrative support, office/clerical support, cartography and graphics, communication, publication development, database development and maintenance, event planning, field and drilling services, GIS and remote sensing, recruitment, safety, sales and distribution, teaching assistance, employee training, and web development.

Customer Service Philosophy

Provide the highest quality of services to the administration, faculty and staff of the School of Natural Resources. Our primary customers are our faculty and staff. Our primary purpose is to assist them in meeting their needs and to focus on continuous improvement to find better ways to accomplish department goals. Recognize and understand problems and opportunities; find solutions and alternatives for responding to them. Create an encompassing network for communication and feedback.

Name Area Office Info
Maria Hansen Employee Hires & Separations 909 HarH, EC 0981
Jeremy Hiller Lab Safety 410 HarH, EC 0974
Les Howard GIS/Cartography 229f HarH, EC 0982
Jacki Loomis Sales, Event Planning, Clerical Support 121a HarH, EC 0961
Shawna Richter-Ryerson SNR Communications 911 HarH, EC 0981
Gregg Hutchison Computing/Networking 226 HarH, EC 0982
Matt Marxsen Drilling & Field Services 103 Survey Annex, EC
Mark Mesarch SNR Web/Database 913 HarH, EC 0989
Christine Steggs Policies, Procedures, Safety, Space 908 HarH, EC 0989
Elyse Watson Student Services 102a HarH, EC 0981

Social Committee Funds


  • All SNR faculty and staff are encouraged to contribute to this fund. Donations to the Social Fund, will be collected annually in September/October. Suggested amount of contribution for staff is ($5) and faculty is ($10). This is a cash fund. Donations go to the staff at Nebraska Maps and More.
  • Faculty and Staff, wanting recognition of an occasion, must notify the SNR Administrative Office or Social Committee of any activity that would warrant the use of social funds.


  • An "employee" is someone employed by UNL for more than 6 months or 20 hours per week and receiving UNL benefits (i.e.: vacation, sick leave, etc.) This does not included temp employees due to the complexity of the definition.
  • "Immediate Family" includes spouse/significant other, child, and step-child.
  • "Extended Family" is defined as the above as well as parent or step-parent, grandparents, grandchildren, brothers, sisters, and "in-laws" of any of the above-mentioned immediate family. (Taken from official UNL policy statement.)
  • Administration
  • The fund will be collected and administered by the SNR Director’s office annually during September/October. Annual reports of income and disbursements from the fund will be made available upon request.


  • All cards are signed "On Behalf of SNR Faculty and Staff"
  • Birth: Card only to employees and their spouse/significant other.
  • Wedding: Card to SNR employee only.
  • Death: Plant/Flowers and/or memorial ($30-$35) upon death of SNR employee or immediate family member. Card only to SNR employee for death of someone in extended family. (Individual memorial fund collections can be taken separately from SNR gift.)
  • Hospitalization due to Illness or Injury/Trauma: Card to SNR employee and/or immediate family member of SNR employee for major hospitalization.
  • Retirement: The Social Fund may cover the cost of a reception if requested by supervisor and employee. One retirement event will be scheduled on a monthly basis (when applicable) and would be held for all employees retiring near that date (should they desire). Choices for refreshments will be available through the Social Committee. Amount allowed for retirement reception: $100.
  • Individual groups are not to be discouraged from arranging a small interdepartmental function if desired, but Social Funds and materials will not be used in this regard.
  • NOTE: All retirement receptions will be held in Hardin Hall. It is the responsibility of the supervisor to plan the event with assistance from the Social Committee.


  • The Social Fund provides the following: plates, napkins, coffee, filters, cups, utensils, etc. for SNR social functions only. Supplies are not allowed for SNR meetings, outside agency meetings, etc. Social Fund supplies will be kept under lock and key.
  • Funds may be used to help defray the cost of the annual dinner or some other special event. Determined by the Social Committee and Director's choice.)
  • All functions must be requested with at least two weeks notice for assistance from the SNR Social Committee/Social Funds.

StarTran Bus Routes (Lincoln City Bus Service)

Type in the "from" and "to" address to find the bus route and schedule.

Student Code of Conduct

SNR adheres to the UNL Student Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures:

Student Honor Code

The University of Nebraska is a unified community, and we are proud of our heritage. As we look with optimism towards the future, we strive to adhere to the following code:

  • I will be respectful towards all others, their thoughts and aspirations, and will look upon them with equality and fairness.
  • I will be compassionate, always mindful of those less fortunate than I.
  • I will be honest with whom I interact, practicing integrity in my daily decisions.
  • I will be mindful of the investments others have made in the University, realizing my own responsibilities in life.
  • And I will always be dignified in who I am, striving for excellence in all I do.

Ratified by the ASUN Senate on April 2, 1997

Students in the Academic Community

Students are encouraged to review what it means to be a student in the academic community at

In addition to a narrative description of The Student in the Academic Community, this site links to:

Style Requirements

Natural Resource Sciences program adheres to the style and requirements listed on the Graduate Studies website.



Thesis and Non-thesis Options

Graduate Bulletin

Provides UNL's requirements:

Master of Science in Natural Resources
The School of Natural Resources grants MS degrees in Natural Resource Sciences primarily under Option I (thesis option). However, Option II programs are permitted under special circumstances. The choice of option should be determined by the type of education desired. Once admitted to Candidacy by filing a Memorandum of Courses, you may not change options. For additional information see:



  • Assistant to the Director - Christine Steggs:,  908 South HARH, EC 0989   Phone: 402-472-8120

Anyone receiving a paycheck from UNL and all students or volunteers working in Hardin Hall are to complete two sessions of safety training from Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) as well as complete the UNL/SNR Youth Activity Training. All three can be done online.

Click here to access the two EHS training sessions online.

Search Committee training (mandatory for anyone serving on a search committee). Before serving on a search committee, you must attend a seminar and renew every three years. Information regarding training is available at

Your supervisor may determine that additional training is needed based upon the work you are doing. These include:

Supervisors must attend Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Training for Supervisors, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Training, and Human Resources (HR) Training for Supervisors, and be familiar with SNR's Expectations of Supervisors.

Training Website for Information
EHS Supervisor Training
ADA Supervisor Training
HR Supervisor Training

Once any training is completed, provide the SNR Training Coordinator with completed notification. Any time job duties change, training needs should be reviewed, and any new training s



  • Travel Contact - Hannah Kahler:,  237c North HARH, EC 0972   Phone: 402-472-5585
  • Travel Conact - Kyle Bogus:,  237b North HARH, EC 0972   Phone: 402-472-6703

When representing the University while traveling out of one's duty station, Pre-Trip Request must be completed via Concur travelfor approval in advance of the travel. A completed Pre-Trip Request must be routed and approved to request reimbursement. If you do not anticipate having expenses to be reimbursed, you are to submit a zero dollar trip request.

When traveling is of a personal nature, a TA is not required. You must complete and submit a leave request via Firefly prior to the travel.

Download here the University of Nebraska general travel policy guidelines. (Updated March 2019)

Basic Information about the Pre-Trip Authorization (TA)

  • For additional information including the most up-to-date IRS Standard Meal Allowance per diem rates and Mileage Reimbursement Rate, refer to Scroll to the bottom of the screen.


  • When traveling within the state, it is expected that you will drive either your personal vehicle (and be reimbursed for mileage) or rent a University vehicle; you must be approved as an authorized driver prior to the travel in order to receive reimbursement or rental privileges. See for additional information.

Student Trips

  • If a faculty member is sponsoring a class field trip or club trip, the sponsoring faculty is to describe the activity on their TA, and attach the completed Student Trip Insurance form as the class roster.
  • For additional information about student trips see
  • All students, whether they are employees or not, who are traveling beyond a 10-mile radius of campus must carry a minimum of $30,000 accidental death insurance and $2,500 medical cost reimbursement insurance. If they do not have this level of insurance and are traveling as an employee, they may purchase it through the Benefits Office, 32 Canfield Administration Building, 402-472-2600; the current rate is 25 cents per day. If they are traveling as part of a class or club, the faculty member sponsoring the activity may use school funds to purchase the insurance.
  • Additional information regarding student travel can be found at

International Travel

A Pre-Trip Request is required prior to booking any international travel. All international flights must be booked via Travel and Transportation. Accounting will not reimburse for international flights booked personally, no exceptions.

Vehicle Coordination


  • Office Associate for Sales - Lisa Greif:,  101 South HARH, EC 0961   Phone: 402-472-3679


  • Maintain database of SNR vehicles.
  • Coordinate use of unit vehicles.
  • Report vehicle use to UNL Transportation Services and for unit needs.
  • Request repairs/service to vehicles through Transportation Services.
  • Distribute Voyager Cards and Insurance slips.


  • Some departmental vehicles are available from time to time for general use at a rate of $0.56 per mile. Contact the Vehicle Coordinator for additional information on available vehicles. Availability and rates are subject to change.
  • Cost object/WBS numbers must be furnished on the mileage log, along with the driver's name.

Vending Machines


  • Karen Gilbert:,  101 South HARH, EC 0961   Phone: 402-472-8197

Vending machines are available in north and south lobbies of Hardin Hall.

Contact the Office Associate for Operations to reports problems with the vending machines and to receive monetary refunds when a product is not dispensed, due to a machine malfunction.

Web & Database Services and Initial Web Consultation


  • SNR Webmaster - Mark Mesarch:,  913 South HARH, EC 0989   Phone: 402-472-5904

SNR Web & Database Services


  • Setting up web sites on SNR Web Server using the UNL Templates.
  • Training of web developers of basics of UNL Templates and Dreamweaver web editing software.
  • Setting up SharePoint Collaboration web sites.
  • Maintaining existing web sites.
  • Setting up no-fee required registration sites.
  • Creating databases, actions to manipulate data, forms for entering data and reports of data
  • Creating simple tabular display or Google Map display of data from a database on web sites.


  • Projects directly related to SNR: No Fee
  • Projects by faculty/staff/students in SNR: $32.50/hour in increments of 15 minutes
  • Projects for sources outside of SNR: $40/hour in increments of 15 minutes

Sites directly related to SNR would be for example the SNR website, single page research profiles, SNR sponsored events such as NaturePalooza and Seminar Series. Sites/web pages that would require cost objects would be data distribution, class projects, outside events, center's informational or extended research project sites. Project designated by the SNR Director may be created at the no fee option.

Initial Web Consultation

Webpages and sites should be created with a specific goal and audience in mind. It should not be a place to simply post an existing pdf of an event. Also creating a webpage/site does not guarantee that the page/site will show up or be prominent in search engines (see below).

Below are some things to think about for the potential webpage/site before we meet:

  • What is the purpose of the page/site? If it is a multi-page site what is the purpose of each page. The user should not have to guess about it.
  • The web is meant to be visual. Use pictures/videos and sparingly use text.
  • Bulletize the content. Users scan the web. They do not read like when interacting with a newspaper or a journal article. (There are exceptions to this.)
  • Pick a few pictures that tell a story. They should be active. Group shots of meeting participants are not the most exciting pictures. They can be used for archival documentation but do not engage the web user.
  • Provide meaningful captions and credits for pictures.
  • Videos should be close captioned for ADA requirements.
  • Posters or flyers of the event can be links for downloads
  • Have a rough draft drawn of a suggest layout. Where are the pictures, content, special features etc. Having examples of other websites which do what you want your site to do is GREAT. Provide the other sites URLs.
  • How long does the information on the webpage/site need to be posted. How will it be updated if it is long term page/site?
  • Where does the site/page fit within the SNR Website navigation and/or organization, if appropriate?
  • You will need a written request to the UNL Domain group if you want a domain name other than "" We can use to create a shorter URL if necessary.

Search Engine Optimization

Google and other search engines user various metrics to determine how "high" on the list of search results your page/site will be found. There are some things we can do to pages to help but here are some of the things to remember:

  • Your page/site will rank higher as more external sites point to your site/page.
  • Important sites pointing to your site will have more weight in the ranking. Having Time or New York Times point at your site has more weight than the Lincoln Journal Star.
  • Fresh and updated material helps.

Webinar (Zoom)

When there is a need to conduct a webinar, this can be setup through UNL's Information Technology Service using Zoom. More information can be found at This seems to work better than Skype and the deactivated Adobe Connect.

Youth Activity Safety Policy


  • Administrative Associate - Maria Hansen:,  909 South HARH, EC 0989   Phone: 402-472-9873
  • Assistant to the Director - Christine Steggs:,  908 South HARH, EC 0989   Phone: 402-472-8120

SNR shall comply with the UNL Youth Activity Safety Policy and shall consider this part of employee training. SNR shall distribute the UNL and SNR policies to each paid employee and graduate student, and shall require that they sign an acknowledgement form indicating that they have read and understand them.

SNR shall collect forms on a calendar-year basis, January 1 through December 31. The forms shall be retained following the UNL Record Retention policy. If an employee/graduate student is involved in a youth activity that is coordinated by another department during the calendar year, he/she may notify the SNR Associate Director or Alumni Coordinator via email and request that his/her signed acknowledgement form be provided to the other unit. The UNL Museum and SNR have agreed to a reciprocating agreement to accept/receive these forms.

Associated Documents and Forms

  1. UNL Youth Activity Safety Policy,
  2. SNR Youth Activity Safety Policy and Procedure
  3. UNL-SNR Youth Activity Safety Policy Acknowledgement Form
  4. Activity Director Checklist
  5. Activity Worker Guidelines,
  6. SNR Activity Worker Acknowledgement Form
  7. Sample Parent/Guardian Information form, under Associated Files. To be incorporated into existing event registration form. Work with the SNR Associate Director or his/her designee to make the form event specific.
  8. SNR Parent/Guardian Information to be posted at events (coming soon)
  9. Youth Activity Safety Policy FAQ,