Graduate Programs in the School of Natural Resources

We encourage you to explore our programs and identify the research areas that match your interests. Graduate students must have an advisor upon acceptance into the School of Natural Resources. Graduate students are expected to meet regularly with their advisors and follow the program schedule and deadlines on the UNL Graduate Studies website. Students are allowed to change advisors. To do so, please meet with the Graduate Committee Chair to discuss your options. Be aware that advisors for all graduate students in the School of Natural Resources must be 1. tenured or in a tenure-leading appointment and/or 2. hold full graduate faculty status.

Programs with Masters and Doctorate degrees:

Geography Program

For more than a century, the University of Nebraska – Lincoln has been internationally recognized as a center of excellence in geographic education and research.

Particularly strong programs exist in:

  • Geographic Information Science (Remote Sensing, GIS and Cartography) - The GIScience program capitalizes on the strengths and facilities of the Center for Advanced Land Management Information Technologies (CALMIT).
  • Historical and Human Geography - Continuing a long tradition of research in cultural and regional geography, student and faculty's foci include historical settlement, land use change, environmental perception, Native American studies, Great Plains studies, political behavior, and modern population and settlement patterns.
  • Natural Resources - Graduate students in Geography can pursue interdisciplinary studies in landscape processes, conservation biology, water resources, natural hazards, climatology and related areas in conjunction with the faculty of the School of Natural Resources.


While we accept MA candidates for all of these areas of study, we are currently only considering PhD applicants who wish to specialize in physical geography and remote sensing.

Please note: before you apply to our program, you must find a faculty advisor who will guide your studies. Browse our faculty listing for

Old Railroad Map
Old Railroad Map

Natural Resource Sciences Program

Applied Ecology Specialization
Field Season 2012
photo by Chris Wiley

The School of Natural Resources offers graduate programs leading to a Master of Science or Doctor of Philosophy in Natural Resource Sciences. The broad diversity of climate, habitat, hydrology, soils, and near-surface and subsurface geology across Nebraska provides a multitude of opportunities for field study in each of these areas. Our excellent faculty conduct research throughout Nebraska, across the United States, and around the world.

Excellent laboratory, computer, and field facilities are available for performing up-to-date analyses in all resource areas, as well as in water chemistry, GIS, geophysics, computer modeling, remote sensing, and geospatial image analysis. State, federal, and private natural resource organizations provide unique opportunities for cooperative research and degree-related work.

Many students focus their studies in one of our numerous specializations. These specializations are optional, well-defined areas of study that have been approved by the Graduate Council and appear on transcripts alongside degrees and majors. Each specialization has an unique set of requirements that must be met for a program to be considered completed.

Our specializations in Natural Resource Sciences include:

Two minors are offered to UNL Masters graduate students (Option I and II):

  • Water Resource Planning and Management
  • Natural Resource Sciences

SNR and the UNL Statistics Department developed a joint PhD program that allows students to synthesize their studies in natural resource sciences with various statistical approaches. For more information about this degree option, please contact Drew Tyre.

Please note: before you apply to our program, you must find a faculty advisor who will guide your studies. Browse our faculty listing for

Programs with Certificates:

Geographic Information Science (GISci)

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If you have particular questions about our graduate programs, we welcome you to contact:

Patty Swanson
Patty Swanson
SNR Graduate Admissions Coordinator

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