Herpetology Lab

The herpetology lab at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln holds turtles, salamanders, frogs, and snakes for conservation, education, and research. Since some of the species are on Nebraska's endangered/threatened species list, significant efforts are made to care and protect the animals.

The animals under the lab's care are carefully and regularly evaluated to ensure that they maintain good health. The lab table (pictured at the right) is where the animals can be evaluated, and treated if needed. One significant aspect of the lab is that its work with herps has improved animal husbandry practices and therefore increased the ability of zoos and other live-animal facilities to preserve and conserve threatened species in a controlled environment.

Public Safety

Venomous snakes are held in specially designed holding bins to prevent accidental release. In addition, the lab is able to be chilled to allow the herpetofauna to experience hibernation as they would under wild conditions.

The turtle room houses each of Nebraska's nine turtle species as well as Nebraska's amphibian species.

Students take detailed measurements for each animal in the UNL Herpetology Lab.

The procedure room is where incoming herps are assessed and recorded for any health conditions.