Plains Leopard Frog (Lithobates blairi)

Description: Dorsal spots are round or slightly wider than long. Distinct line along the upper jaw. Typically a light spot on the tympanum. Usually a dark spot on snout.

Call: Series of abrupt high-pitched “clucks” often in two’s or three’s, often followed by lower pitched grunting sounds. “Clucks” can be roughly imitated by making short-fast kissing sounds.

Habitat: Wet meadows, river bottoms, lakes, and ponds, tend to reproduce in smaller, fishless bodies of water.

Diet:: worms, dragonflies, mayflies, moths, crickets

Size: 50-90 mm (2-3.5 in)

Natural History: This species is distributed in areas having loess soils rather than sandy soils. Live in grassy areas around farm ponds, travel between ponds during rainy nights.

Similar species:

  1. Roundish dark spots on back, white spot on eardrum, broken dorsal lateral fold. Compare with Northern Leopard Frog.