Cope's Gray Treefrog (Hyla chrysoscelis)

Description: Many variations, typically gray or dull green, with or without a pattern of blotches. Light spot below eye; concealed surfaces of thighs and groin washed with yellow-orange. Skin is warty for a tree frog, but not nearly as warty as a typical toad.

Habitat: Brush and small trees near streams and ponds. Also found along banks of small ponds during breeding season. Bluff overlooking flood plain areas.

Diet: Insects.

Size: 3.2-5.0 cm (1.25-2 in)

Natural History: Only true tree frog in state. Our only classic treefrog with huge toe pads to allow it to cling to leaves and climb in trees. May be seen on windows in spring.

Similar species:

  1. Look for large toe pads, light spot below eye and orange under rear legs. Special Note: Cope's Gray Treefrog look much like the Eastern Gray Treefrog and best told apart by call or chromosomes. To date no Eastern Gray Treefrogs have been found in Nebraska. For now we suggest using the call as the best field characteristic until more is known about these frogs in Nebraska.