Woodhouse’s Toad (Anaxyrus woodhousii)

Description: Brown to reddish brown, with small brown spots on the back. Usually only one or a few warts per spot. Belly is white with no dark markings, or a single dark spot on the breast.

Call: A nasal “w-a-a-a-h” lasting 2-4 seconds.

Habitat: Wide variety of moist habitats: marshes, streams, ponds, and irrigated areas.

Diet:: beetles, spiders, flies, mosquitoes

Size: 5-12.75 cm (2-5 in)

Natural History: This is the most common toad in Nebraska. Because of their abundance these toads are considered beneficial for agricultural. Named for Samuel Washington Woodhouse, a surgeon, naturalist, and explorer in the mid-nineteenth century.

Similar species:

  1. Common names include Rocky Mountain toad, common toad and garden toad