Invite an Expert

Herps of Nebraska welcomes the opportunity to educate groups about the herpetological heritage of Nebraska. Our presentations and demonstrations are taylored to the needs and learning level of your group. We can teach people ranging from pre-school to mature adults and eveyone in between.


Our presentations can involve PowerPoints, live animals, or both. We can speak/present on the following topics including

  • Frogs,
  • Salamanders,
  • Turtles, and
  • Snakes (venomous and/or non-venomous)


We have given presentations at

  • Schools (all grades),
  • Outdoor Expos,
  • Community and Social Groups,
  • Professional Societies and Organizations, and
  • Nature Centers


Due to the costs of transporting live animals, we regrettably have to charge fees. Our fee schedule is

  • Expenses (i.e. mileage, room and board when distance requires overnight stay).
  • First hour $100.00 and $50.00 for each additional.


To inquire about availability or to ask further questions about our presentations, e-mail us at

Dennis Ferraro explaining snake behavior and physiology to visitors.
Dennis Ferraro (left) speaking to attendees of the Outdoor Expo. Photo by Stephen M. Vantassel.