Northern Prairie Skink

Northern Prairie Skink

Scientific Name: Plestiodon septentrionalis
(Formerly:  Eumeces septentrionalis)

Family: Scincidae

Description & Size

  • Smooth scales
  • Small fore and hind limbs
  • Total length:  12.7-22.4 cm (5.0-8.8 inches)
  • Bright white stripe on the 4th and 5th scale rows from the middle of the back
    • Has additional stripes that run from head tail
  • Base color:  brown to olive brown
    • Males: bright reddish-orange chin during the breeding season


  • Alongside streams or reservoirs
  • Grassy, rocky hillsides
  • Loose, loamy, or gravelly soils


  • Terrestrial arthropods
  • Cannibalization does occur
  • Females will eat infected or bad eggs

Life History

  • Diurnal
  • Active season:  April (males), May (females) – Early fall (Breckenridge 1943)
  • Breeding season:  May – July
  • Lays eggs
  • 5-13 eggs per female (Pitt)


Northern Prairie Skink Range