Central Fence Lizard

Central Fence Lizard

Other Names: Prairie Lizard

Scientific Name: Sceloporus consobrinus
(Formerly: Sceloporus undulates)

Family: Phrynosomatidae

Description & Size

  • Rough, spiny scales (keeled scales)
  • Relatively long fore and hind limbs
  • Total length:  9.0-17.8 cm (3.5-7.0 inches)
  • Wide grey stripe running down the back and stops at the base of the tail
  • Lightly colored stripe on each side that runs the length of the body
  • Base color:  light grey or light or reddish brown
    • Males:  Bright blue patches on their sides and belly


  • Sparely vegetated grasslands
  • Rocky outcrops
  • Occasionally climbs bushes, trees, and fence posts


  • Terrestrial insects
    • Avoids stinging insects
  • Small lizards

Life History

  • Diurnal
  • Active season:  Early April – mid-October (Jones and Ballinger)
  • Breeding season:  Spring
  • Lays eggs
  • Up to 4 clutches of 4-17 eggs per female


Central Fence Lizard Range