Sagebrush Lizard

Sagebrush Lizard

Other Names: Northern Sagebrush Lizard

Scientific Name: Sceloporus graciosus

Family: Phrynosomatidae

Description & Size

  • Rough, spiny scales (keeled scales)
  • Relatively long fore and hind limbs
  • Total length:  11.4-15.2 cm (4.5-6.0 inches)
  • Lightly colored blotches on its back
  • Tan to light grey stripes that run along the side of its body
  • Small, non-overlapping, granular-shaped scales behind its thighs
  • Base color:  lighter brown


  • High elevations
  • Rocky, gravelly, or sandy soils
  • Sparsely vegetative areas
  • Sagebrush habitat


  • Terrestrial arthropods

Life History

  • Diurnal
  • Active season:  Early April – mid-September (Tinkle, Dunham, and Congdon, 1993)
  • Breeding season: Mid-May – early July (Tinkle, Dunham, and Congdon, 1993)
  • Lays eggs
  • 5-15 eggs per female


Sagebrush Lizard Range