Brown Snake (Young)(Storeria dekayi) 

Description: Pale brown with faint dark blotches and a wide lighter pale stripe down the center of the back. Belly is light cream to pinkish. Sides of the head are pale with a dark vertical bar behind eyes. Dark spots form a row along the sides of the center stripe. Frequently, there is another row of smaller spots lower on the sides that alternate with the upper spots. In some specimens the markings are very faint.

Habitat: Moist woodlands.

Size: 23-33 cm (9-13 inches).

Diet: Earthworms, slugs and insects.

Natural History: While this snake is fairly common in the Eastern United States, it is relatively rare in Nebraska. Diet consists of slugs, earthworms, and insects. The young of this species are born alive, rather than hatching from eggs. When captured this snake may excrete a musky substance from their anal scent glands, however, this is not as offensive as in some other garter and watersnakes.

Similar species:

  1. Ringneck Snake has smooth not keeled scales.