Prairie Kingsnake (Lampropeltis calligaster) 

Description: Olive brown to tan with 45-57 brown spots along body; belly is yellowish with dark brown blotches.

Habitat: Grassland prairies and open woodlands.

Size: Typical adult length: 76-107 cm (30-42 in); Maximum 42 inches (Collins & Collins 1993).

Diet: Small mammals, Lizards, snakes and birds; kills by constriction.

Natural History: Kills by constriction. When disturbed may vibrate its tail. In hottest times of summer this snake will hunt at night, otherwise it hunts during the day.

Similar species:

  1. Bullsnake more boldly patterned on tail, look for nearly black rings.
  2. Great Plains Rat Snake, Fox Snake and Young Black Rat Snake all have divided anal scale.
  3. Glossy Snake belly is creamy and unmarked.