Eastern Racer (Young) (Coluber constrictor)
  Nonvenomous Snake

Description: Adults of eastern Nebraska are dark blue to black, whereas individuals from western Nebraska are greenish. Juveniles have 65-97 spots down the body and numerous spots on the belly.

Habitat: Open brushy fields, grasslands and open woods.

Size: 76-127 cm (30-50 in)

Diet: Insects, frogs, lizards, snakes, and small mammals.

Natural History: Very fast moving snake. More likely to be active during the day than many snakes.

Ssimilar species:

  1. Young racers are spotted, but lose there spots as they grow. Most Racers below 20" will show signs of blotches and might be mistaken for other blotched species. In Racers look for blotched pattern to fade towards tail. Tail nearly unmarked. This character separates young racers from all other blotched snakes in Nebraska.