Smooth Green Snake (Liochlorophis vernalis)

Description: A small bright emerald green snake with smooth scales. Belly may be white or light yellow.

Habitat: Wet meadows

Diet: Insects.

Size: Typical adult size: 36-51 cm (14-22 in).

Natural History: One of the rarest snakes in Nebraska, but the places they have be spotted are surprisingly wide spread (see map). The Smooth Green Snake is active during the day but in the dense, green vegetation of moist meadows they are difficult to spot. If handled, this snake may try to bite, but because of its small size, it is unlike to make much of a wound.

Similar species:

  1. Racers don't lose spots and develop uniform green color until over 20 inches long. If it is a bright green snake about 20 inches long and you are in doubt, look carefully at nostril. Smooth Green Snake have nostrils emerging within a single scale. The nostril lies between two scales in the Racer.