Ring-necked Snake (Formerly Ringneck Snake)

Ring-necked Snake (Formerly Ringneck Snake)

Other Names: Prairie Ringneck Snake

Scientific Name: Diadophis punctatus

Family: Dipsadidae



Description & Size

  • Legless
  • No eyelids
  • Lacks external ears
  • Scales on the back are smooth and glossy
  • Total length:  25.0-41.9 cm (9.8-16.5 in)
  • Back color:  olive green, brown, or greenish-gray
  • Belly color:  red, orange, or yellow
  • Orange or red ring around its neck
  • Tail is brightly colored on the bottom


  • Open woodlands with rocky outcrops
  • Woodland edges
  • Debris piles in rural, suburban, and urban environmnets
  • Grasslands
  • Diet

    • Earthworms
    • Small arthropods
    • Small reptiles
    • Small amphibians

    Life History

    • Nocturnal
    • Active season:  Late March – October
    • Breeding season:  Late March – early April
    • Lays eggs
    • 1-2 clutches of 2-10 eggs per female


    Ring-necked Snake (Formerly Ringneck Snake) Range