Lined Snake

Lined Snake

Scientific Name: Tropidoclonion lineatum

Family: Natricidae



Description & Size

  • Legless
  • No eyelids
  • Lacks external ears
  • Scales on the back have a ridge in the middle (keeled)
  • No visible neck
  • Single anal scale
  • Total length:  19.0-57.0 cm (7.5-22.4 in)
  • Light colored stripe on each side of the body on the 2nd and 3rd scale rows above the belly scales (ventral scales)
  • Back color:  light brown to gray
  • Belly color:  light colored with half-moon markings on each scale


  • Prairies
  • Wetlands
  • Suburban yards
  • Under rocks, logs, and other debris


  • Invertebrates

Life History

  • Diurnal and nocturnal
  • Active season:  Late March – late October
  • Breeding season:  spring or fall
  • Gives live birth
  • 2-17 young per female


Lined Snake Range