False Map Turtle (Graptemys pseudogeographica)
Key identification points and similar species:
This brightly colored turtle has intricate yellow markings on head. Look for rough ridge running down middle of back.
1) Painted Turtle lacks ridge running down middle of shell and the rear of shell with smooth edge.
2) Red-eared Slider has red mark behind eye.

Description: Carapace brown; Head and neck have numerous yellow stripes. Yellowish spots behind eye; map-like pattern on carapace; large webbed feet, front feet have elongated nails; back of carapace above tail is saw-toothed; males and juveniles have conspicuous spines or knobs on center of back.

Habitat: Large rivers and lakes.

Size: Females 12.5-18 cm (5-7 in); Males 9-14.5 cm (3.5-5.75 in)

Diet: Omnivous.

Natural History: Common along Missouri River; previously described as Mississippi Map Turtle.