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Hydrological Information System

University of Nebraska-Lincoln


·  Estimation of Riparian vegetation Evapotranspiration (ET) using Airborne and Satellite Remote Sensing

·  Hydrologic Information System

·  Demonstrate and adapt remote sensing technology to produce and utilize consumptive water use maps for the Nebraska Panhandle

·  Distributed soil water model and Water balance for dry soil model

 ·  Noah-LSM Enkf


Progress Reports

1.    CPNRD ET Mapping Final Report-October 2010.pdf

2.    Riparian Mapping on Republican River Basin_2010.pdf

3.    NASA_Nebraska progress report_2010.pdf

4.    Riparian ET_Anna Elliot_Progress Report_ 2010.pdf

5.    Nebraska Panhandle. Hergert CIG06 Progress 1Apr09-pdf.pdf

6.    Cpnrd_progress report_September 2009.pdf

7.    Usgs 104b-irmak report_2009.pdf

8.    Usgs 104b-irmak report_2009.pdf





Description: X:\airmak\V1.0\images\DancingPeaks.gif



Riparian vegetation Evapotranspiration
Central Platte
Distributed Water Balance
Tillage and Two source model
Noah-LSM Enkf

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