Hydrological Information System

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  • National Administration Space Agency (NASA)
  • Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)
  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
  • Canada Center for Remote Sensing (CCRS)
  • Office of Space Science & Applications Earth Observation Centre (CSIRO) - Australia
  • Centre for Remote Imaging, Sensing and Processing (CRISP) - Singapore
  • Malaysian Meteorological Department (MMD)
  • Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)
  • International Space Organizations

  • Satellite Tracking:

  • MODIS Data Processing System, Software and Components

    • IMAPP v1.4-1.5 - International MODIS/AIRS Processing Package
    • NORAD Two-Line Element Set by celestrak.com
    • SIMAP v4- a simple MODIS-Mapper
    • HDFLook v6.60 - Multifunctional Data Processing and Visualization tool for Land,Ocean and Atmosphere MODIS data
    • SEADAS v4.8.4 - A comprehensive image analysis package for the processing, display, analysis, and quality control of ocean color data
    • MODISL1DB v1.2 - a MODIS Level-1 Direct Broadcast software package
    • ENVI v4.2 - The Remote Sensing Exploitation Platform
    • Direct Readout Laboratory - provides Software/Algorithm for MODIS processing

    MODIS Data

  • MODIS HowTo

    Other Remote Sensing Data

  • Map On-line

  • Online Laboratory:

  • Geoinformatic Websites
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  • Research

    Riparian vegetation Evapotranspiration
    Central Platte
    Distributed Water Balance
    Tillage and Two source model
    Noah-LSM Enkf

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