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Lincoln Weather and Climate

Year 2011 Monthly Statewide Temperature Rankings

These maps show the monthly temperature rankings for each of the conterminous United States.
The statewide monthly average temperature ranking is based upon a comparison to the entire data set.
The statewide monthly data set begins in 1895 and is from the National Climatic Data Center

Rankings based on 117 years of data (1895 -2011).

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November 2011 Statewide Temperature Anomalies

September Statewide Temperature Rankings

August 2011 Statewide Temperature Rankings

July Statewide temperature rankings

June 2011 Statewide Temperature Ranks

May 2011 Statewide Ranks



April 2011 Statewide Temperature Ranks


March 2011 Statewide Temperature Rankings



February 2011 Statewide Ranks


January 2011 Statewide Rankings



All of the maps on this page are from the National Climatic Data Center