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Lincoln Weather and Climate

Annual Global Temperature Anomalies

The Dot maps were replaced in 2012 with a color shaded map.

BLUE IS BELOW NORMAL and RED is ABOVE NORMAL. The darker the RED color is, the larger the positive temperature anomaly and the darker the BLUE shade is, the larger the negative temperature anomaly.

BLUE IS BELOW NORMAL and RED is ABOVE NORMAL, and the size of the dot is proportional to the magnitude of the anomaly.

These maps are a product of a merged land surface and sea surface temperature anomaly analysis. Temperature anomalies with respect to the 1981-2010 mean for land and ocean are analyzed separately and then merged to form the global analysis. Temperature anomalies are noted in degrees Centigrade.  The maps and data analysis are from the National Climatic Data Center. This page was produced within the Applied Climate Science Group of the School of Natural Resources, UNL.


Global Temperature Anomalies 2012


annual global temperature anomalies 2010

annual global temperature anomalies 2009


Global Temperatuure Anomalies Year 2007


Global Temperatuure Anomalies Year 2005


Global Temperatuure Anomalies Year 2005



annual global temperature anomalies 2002