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Lincoln Weather and Climate

Autumn 2010 Daily Temperatures Compared to Normal

September-November Lincoln Temps compared to Normal

The Red Line is the normal high and the blue line is the normal low.

The top of each vertical bar is the high for the day and the bottom of each vertical bar is the low for the day.

All data in this graph are from the National Weather Service and HPRCC data archives. 

NOTE: Climatologists AND Meteorologists do NOT use astronomical
seasons for their data analysis. They instead use the calendar months for seasons.

Winter is December 1-February 28 (29) and not December 21 -March 21.
Spring is March 1-May 31 and not March 21 -June 21.
Summer is June 1-August 31 and not June 21- September 21.
Autumn is September 1 - November 30 and not September 21 -December 21.