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Register for the Nebraska Master Naturalist Conference October 9th

The 1st Nebraska Master Naturalist Conference in conjunction with the Natural Legacy conference is now open!
Both events will take place at the Lied Lodge & Conference Center in Nebraska City. The Master Naturalist Conference will be on Monday October 9th and the Legacy Conference will be the 10th & 11th. Both events are wonderful opportunities to learn about special projects fellow Master Naturalists and Program Partners have been engaged in as well as a perfect way to earn continuing education hours!

Nebraska Master Naturalist Conference $15 Covers Registration, snacks, beverages, and Lunch at Lied Lodge Dining Room
Natural Legacy Conference: $25 for both days, Please select Master Naturalist Participant in Check out

Links to Register:
Master Naturalist Conference
Natural Legacy Conference
*If you plan to attend both, you need to complete both registrations

Nebraska’s Volunteer Conservation Force- Listen to our story from NET News.

Submit your application today to register for a Nebraska Master Naturalist training. For details, contact us at or 402-937-8601.