2018 Training Dates & Locations




Training Type

Program Fee

Prairie Pines & Heron Haven


April 6th-7th & 13th-14th

Core 24


Nature Conservancy’s Niobrara Valley Preserve


June 10th-16th



Cedar Point Biological Station

Ogallala, NE

July 8th-14th

& Graduate Course TEAC 890


Crane Trust Nature and Visitor Center

Alda, NE

September 7th-8th & 14th-15th

Core 24


The 2018 Nebraska Naturalist Calendar Are Here!

Order your 2018 Nebraska Naturalist Calendar before they’re gone! They are for sale online and in the Maps & More store in Lincoln.  Master Naturalists and Program Partners will receive a free copy in person or the mail in the coming weeks.  This year’s calendar features many fabulous photos donated to us from our Members and Partners, we could not have done this without them! *Cover photo was taken by Master Naturalist Adrian Olivera.

Nebraska Master Naturalist In Action!

You can find the criteria and submisson forms here!

Nebraska’s Volunteer Conservation Force- Listen to our story from NET News.

Submit your application today to register for a Nebraska Master Naturalist training. For details, contact us at NATURALIST@unl.edu or 402-937-8601.