Leslie Kwasnieski

Secretary, Executive Board

Mark and Leslie Kwasnieski are most often seen together at NMN functions.

Leslie was certified as a Nebraska Master Naturalist after traveling from Omaha to complete her training in Grand Island, in 2011. Her favorite part of the training was seeing and discovering beautiful locations in Central Nebraska like the Derr House, Crane Trust, and many memorable sites in the vicinity. Leslie holds a Master's degree in Biology from the University of Nebraska at Omaha and is the Science Lab Coordinator for the Elkhorn branch of Metropolitan Community College. She also teaches as an adjunct in the biology department there. Microbiology is her favorite class to instruct, mostly because she appreciates how relevant the subject is, in modern life. Leslie is the current Secretary for the NMN Executive Board. She also teaches ecology with conservation biology for the Core MN training classes, and always brings her enthusiasm for the program.

Mark works on computer servers at West Corporation. He also studies part-time, toward a degree in Information Technology. Mark's hobby is photography and he especially likes taking pictures of nature--most recently, of Bison he encountered at the Master Naturalist reunion at The Nature Conservancy's Niobrara Valley Preserve.

Mark and Leslie are the parents of two adult children and grandparents of two adorable boys.

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