• Requestor(s) and user(s) must be an active Nebraska Master Naturalists (certified or intern).  While group projects are encouraged individuals Master Naturalists may apply.
  • Objective and/or results of project MUST correspond to NET grant “deliverable” category.
      • Conservation of At-Risk Native species
      • Water Quality
      • Nebraska Natural Resources management.
  • A detailed proposal that includes justification of need of requested materials
  • ONLY equipment and mileage will be considered (No labor, food, housing, …) as a project investment.
  • The NET and NMNP entity MUST be acknowledged as a sponsor of project and be displayed with project, report and any signage.  How will you ensure this occurs?
  • Site (location) statement with documented written permission [whether private, NGO, State, Federal…] must accompany request.
  • If required NGPC educational/scientist collecting MUST be obtain.


  • Master Naturalist recipients MUST submit all hours involving requested equipment every 30 day for the duration of the project.
  • All equipment is on loan to the Master Naturalists and remains property of the University of Nebraska- Lincoln [NMNP].
  • All equipment on loan MUST be given prudent care by Master Naturalist.
  • All items will returned to an agent of UNL at the conclusion of said project or annually (if multi-year project) for upkeep and verification.
  • Master Naturalist recipient(s) agrees to submit a concise yet detailed report regarding the usage of the equipment and related project results within 90 days of the conclusion of the project.
  • Master Naturalist recipient(s) agrees to prepare and deliver a presentation regarding the project at a NMNP or partner conference/meeting/ event or Board Mtg.  
  • Equipment will be order and obtained by grant PI or person designated by the PI and then leased over to Master Natural(s). In a few cases a monetary security deposit may be required.

NOTE: This is NOT a sub-granting or competitive program we will attempt to support all projects that fit the required criteria. If acceptable equipment requests exceed the program’s monetary capabilities --- equipment that can be utilized for multiple projects over several years will be given a priority.

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