Our Research

The Palynology Laboratory conducts a variety of pollen-based studies. The lab is rooted in archaeological palynology, but has expanded over the years to conduct studies using modern pollen as well. For a period of time, the lab was using pollen analysis to help local investigators gain forensic insights on cases (including assaults, missing persons, and homicides). In 2014, the lab began exploring the forensic applications of melissopalynology (examining the pollen content of honeys). We have also begun to explore the advantages that melissopalynological examinations of local honeys offer to Nebraskan apiculturists. We are excited to offer melissopalynological examination services to local beekeepers in the future as we perfect our methods and work out the details of contracting through our lab. We have also begun to examine pollination strategies of bees in Nebraska using methods developed in the fall of 2014.