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  Nebraska Wind Energy and Wildlife Project

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  • Developing wind energy can help reduce carbon dioxide emissions and other environmental impacts of using fossil fuels for energy and reduce the U.S. dependence upon foreign fuels.
  • Nebraska has great wind power resource potential throughout the state.
  • Nebraska has many wildlife species and many areas important for wildlife that may be impacted by wind energy development.
  • Collaboration amongst stakeholders is needed to determine wind turbine locations or siting that takes into consideration wildlife and their habitats.
  • This website provides information about wind energy development and wildlife in Nebraska and tools that can be used to minimize potential impacts of wind energy development on wildlife.


Broken Bow Wind Energy Facility

Broken Bow WInd Enery Facility. Photo by Caroline Jezierski.



The Mitigation Guidelines for Wind Energy Development in Nebraska are open for comment. All comments submitted through March 31, 2015 will be compiled. Updates to the guidelines will be released in April 2015.

For more information contact Caroline Jezierski, Wind Energy and Wildlife Project Coordinator,, (402) 472-8188.