Educational Outreach
Job Opportunities

The Sand Hills Biocomplexity Project seeks graduate students (M.S. and Ph.D.) to join an interdisciplinary team of ecosystem and landscape ecologists, hydrologists, geologists, and atmospheric scientists studying the stability of the 58,000 km2 Nebraska Sand Hills. Research Assistantships are available in the Geosciences, Natural Resources, Biosystems Engineering, and Agronomy graduate programs.

Tim Arkebauer leaf/canopy ecophysiology
Dave Billesbach ecostystem energy and wter balance
Sheri Fritz paleoecology an dpaleoclimate
Ron Goble OSL methodology and analyses
Dave Gosselin education/outreach, hydroology
Ed Harvey hydrogeology, stable isotope geochemistry
Geoff Henebry landscape ecology, remote sensing/GIS
Steve Hu drought climatology and modeling
Dave Loope geomorphology
Jeo Mason paleosols, geomorphology
Clint Rowe atmospheric sciences, mesoscale modeling
Jim Swinehart dune geomorphology and dating
Dave Wedin ecosystem ecology
Bill Zanner soil geomorphology
Vitaly Zlotnik hydrogeology, modeling

The project coordinator, (Dr. David Wedin , 402-472-9608), or any of the project scientists can answer questions about possible research projects, graduate programs, and support, etc.