Educational Outreach
Job Opportunities

Investigator Expertise Project Role & Responsibilities
D. Wedin ecosystem ecology Principal Investigator; management team; GDEX coordinator
D. Loope geology Co-Principal Investigator; management team; paleo coordinator
G. Henebry landscape ecology Co-Principal Investigator; management team; RS/GIS coordinator; data manager
T. Arkebauer plant ecophysiology Co-Investigator; leaf and canopy-level energy and water balance
D. Billesbach micrometerology Co-Investigator; Bowen Ratio, ET & soil moisture analyses
S. Fritz paleoecology Co-Investigator; paleoclimate research in lakes and wetlands
R. Goble geology Co-Investigator; director OSL lab
D. Gosselin hydrogeology Co-Investigator; education coordinator, hydrologic monitoring at GSL
F.E. Harvey hydrogeochemistry Co-Investigator; GDEX groundwater wells, stable isotope geochemistry
Q.S. Hu drought climatology Co-Investigator; mesoscale climate modeling
J. Mason geology Co-Investigator; paleosols and dating
C. Rowe meteorology Co-Investigator; mesoscale climate modeling
J. Swinehart geology Co-Investigator; dune geomorphology and dating,
W. Zanner soil geomorphology Co-Investigator; surficial erosion, soil structure and function in GDEX
V. Zlotnik hydrogeology Co-Investigator; process-base models of Sand Hills hydrology
V.R. Sridhar hydrology, land-atmosphere interactions Co-investigator
R. Drijiber soil microbial ecology Co-investigator, GDEX
Steve Goddard information technology data management, visualization, cyberinfrastructure

Kathryn Wally Research Technologist  
Jeremy Hiller Research Technician  
Monica Sanford Webmaster/Office Asst.  

Summer Interns 2004  
Nick Dobesh env. studies  
Anthony Beringer env. science  
Staci Blaschko geography also UCARE with Geoff Henebry
Robert Lacy geology also UCARE with David Loope
Abby Thell meteorology/climatology also UCARE with Clint Rowe
Stephanie Houser meteorology/climatology  
Natalie Umphlett meteorology/climatology also UCARE with Clint Rowe
Robert Hawkins journalism major  

Graduate Students  
Marcela Doubkova remote sensing, GIS with Geoff Henebry
Paul Hanson (PhD 2005) with Ronald Goble and Mason
Kimberly Payne   with Dave Wedin & William Zanner
David Radell meteorology with Clinton Rowe
Jens Schmieder   with Scherylin Fritz
Tiejun Wang hydrogeology with Vitaly Zlotnik
Kelli Warren (MSc 2005) with Ed Harvey
Cullen Robbins (MSc 2005) with Dave Wedin

Polla Hartley Spaulding Academy  
Lincoln Public Schools  
Lincoln Public Schools  
Joshua Wells Deming Public Schools, New Mexico