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Botswana - South Africa: Wildlife Conservation

Get a first hand understand of the natural history of bush ecosystems and wildlife conservation in South Africa. Spend a month camping in the bush learning about wildlife, plants, and ecosystems of this unique country. This course in Botswana offers many opportunities and challenges for students interested in field conservation.

Wilderness affects your psyche. It's therapeutic.

On the trail
I went to Africa with the same mindset as any Westerner might.
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Hands on learning is the best kind of learning.

On the trail
Every day was spent out in the field learning.
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How and why you should study abroad.

Curt Vandenberg
Curt Vandenberg, SNR fisheries and wildlife major, used scholarships to fund his study abroad trip.
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Namibia - Southern African: Wildlife Conservation

Discover and learn about the variety of ecosystems found in this southern African country. Visit landmarks like Etosha National Park, where students can see elephants, zebras and other large animals. Along the Namibian coast, students can sightsee as seals and whales swim in and near harbors.

SNR students on a late-day hike in the dunes of Namibrand.
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Italy - Sicily: Mummy Studies Field School

Students from four universities in three countries spent time learning about the field of mummy studies in Santa Lucia del Mela, a small community on the island of Sicily, Italy. The school was a collaborative effort among the Sicily Mummy Project, the Archdiocese of Messina, the Sicilian Region, the city of Santa Lucia del Mela, and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Students lived, worked and learned about mummies in an immersive setting. For their visit, they stayed in a former convent above a crypt housing both mummies and ossuaries.

Mummy in coffin
Dr. Dario Piombino-Mascali
The class examines mummies in the crypt beneath Convento dei Cappuccini e l'annessa Chiesa in Santa Lucia del Melo, Sicily.
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Greece: Sustainability, Environment & Society

Spend two weeks discovering Greece's history, environment and agriculture, explore the unique ecosystems of Santorini and Crete, and understand the scientific and human dimensions of natural resource management, all while celebrating this country's rich cultural heritage.

Learn about the culture and its linkage to science.

Ten students recently returned from a study abroad trip to Greece, where they studied sustainability and food production. They were: Thomas Clutter, business major; Johnna Guernsey, fish and wildlife major; Jace Kranau, natural resources and environmental
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