Applied Climate Science

The undergraduate major in applied climate science will provide you with several career options.

Opportunities include positions with:

  • environmental consulting firms
  • planning agencies
  • non-governmental organizations (NGOs)
  • governmental agencies addressing climate issues

This major can fulfill the requirement of a pre-professional degree or provide the opportunity to prepare for graduate study in applied climate sciences and other related fields.

Environmental Restoration Science

The job market for environmental scientists is growing. recently projected "Environmental Scientist" as one of the top 25 jobs. In this announcement, environmental scientists were defined as individuals who measure and observe air, water and soil to identify sources of pollutants, and recommend the best ways to clean and preserve the environment. Some of the careers include environmental consulting and remediation, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, agricultural business and industry, Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Department of Environmental Control, U.S. Forest Service, international development, natural resources districts, U.S. Natural Resources Conservation Service (formerly U.S. Soil Conservation Service), Nebraska Natural Resources Commission, soil and water conservation districts and soil testing laboratory positions.

Fisheries & Wildlife

With a professional degree in fisheries and wildlife, careers are possible in fisheries research and management, wildlife research and management, wildlife damage management, city planning and policy, refuge management, geospatial information services, marine biology, endangered species management, private lands habitat management or as a conservation officer, water quality specialist, park ranger, environmental educator or zoo keeper.

Water Science

Career opportunities associated with the Water Science major include positions such as water or environmental scientist, hydrologic technician, program specialist wellhead protection, water resources research technician, water quality specialist, wetland hydrologist, environmental consultant, or become a graduate student in hydrology, hydrogeology, water sciences, hydrologic sciences, etc.