Cabela's Apprenticeship Program

  • Chrissy Peters Apprenticeship
  • Jacob Wagner Apprenticeship
  • Ann Wilton Apprenticeship
  • McKenzie Hauger Apprenticeship

Cabela's, Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln are working together to provide tangible, experiential opportunities for undergraduate students to address real issues centered around

  • recruiting and maintaining participants in outdoor activities
  • creating and managing fish and wildlife and their habitat
  • protecting threatened and endangered species
  • supporting conservation of ecosystems

To that end, Cabela's funded the 2017-2018 Apprenticeship Program.

Funding for Apprentices typically ranges from $3,000 to $5,000 per Apprentice, but other levels of funding will be considered if justified in the application.

Download complete program information. Additional information about the program can be found by contacting SNR Faculty member Mark Pegg at