Cabela's Apprenticeship Program

Alexis Polivanov
Amelia Baker
Robert Schroeder
Claire Wilton
Allison Carothers
Joshua Garner
Butera Blanche
Alexis Vrana
Nick Bohannon

Cabela's, Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln are working together to provide tangible, experiential opportunities for undergraduate students to address real issues centered around

  • recruiting and maintaining participants in outdoor activities
  • creating and managing fish and wildlife and their habitat
  • protecting threatened and endangered species
  • supporting conservation of ecosystems

To that end, Cabela's funded the Apprenticeship Program.

Funding for Apprentices typically averages around $3,000 per Apprentice, but other levels of funding will be considered if justified in the application. Applications are generally accepted in February.

Additional information about the program can be found by contacting SNR Faculty member Mark Pegg at

Download a Sample Application

Listen to IANR Vice Chancellor Mike Boehm speak with KRVN about the Cabela's Apprenticeship Program:

Apprenticeship Stories

Alex observing at sunset
"I worked 15 hours straight from sunrise to sunset! I saw hundreds of dolphins that day, and it was a day I'll never forget." – Alex Otto – Read more
Michael True
"Once I realized that wildlife and human ecosystems should not and cannot be separated, it opened up a whole new field of thought that I hadn't quite tapped into." – Mike True – Read more
emily Huzura
Emily Hruza's research emphasizes the fact that many species, not just baboons, rely on the presence of keystone species such as the African elephant. Read more