Izaak Walton League of America Scholarship

Scholarships Given
  • Typically 8 - 10 per year

The Izaak Walton League of America is a diverse group of 50,000 men and women dedicated to protecting our nation's soil, air, woods, water and wildlife. Its interests range from outdoor recreation and conservation activities, particularly angling and birding, to stream monitoring, wildlife photography and hunting. The goal is to protect and use America's rich resources sustainably to ensure a high quality of life for all people, now and in the future.

Award Winners

Nebraska: Kayla Johnson
Nebraska: Jacob Harvey
Jessie Benton (Fremont): Kristina Amato
Lincoln: Ashlynn Baker
Lincoln: Carlee Koehler
Roy and Sue Carlstrom (Fremont): Ethan Kratina
Nebraska Div. IWLA: Kelsie Alling
Nebraska: Noah Hines
Nebraska: Adam Mortensen
Jessie Benton (Fremont): Allyson Beard
Lincoln: Mackenzie Zwiener
Lincoln: Bryce Christensen
Roy and Sue Carlstrom (Fremont): Danielle Galvin
Grand Island: Brooke Mott
Nebraska Div. IWLA: Isabelle Murray
Nebraska: Alexis Polivanov
Nebraska: Brooke Mott
Jessie Benton (Fremont): Nicole Strand
Lincoln: Peyton Bishop
Lincoln: Grace Bullington
Lincoln: Elsa Forsberg
Lincoln: Matthew Schaaf
Roy and Sue Carlstrom (Fremont): Derek Kane
Grand Island: Jack Hilgert
Nebraska Div. IWLA: Mary Boswell
Nebraska: Mackenzie Zwiener
Nebraska: Curt Vandenberg
Jessie Benton (Fremont): Charrissa Zuerlien
Lincoln: Allison Dickey
Fremont: Jennifer Reyes
Roy and Sue Carlstrom (Fremont): Tanner Zlab
Nebraska Div. IWLA: Ellen Dolph
Nebraska: Ellen Dolph
Jessie Benton (Fremont): Brooke Welsh-Appleby
Lincoln: Tanner Zlab
Lincoln: Kimberly Brown
Fremont: Courtney Everhart
Roy and Sue Carlstrom (Fremont): Brooke Welsh-Appleby
Grand Island: Chelsea Cather
Nebraska Div. IWLA: Jamelyn Foster
Nebraska: Marissa Braddock
Nebraska: Jamelyn Foster
Jessie Benton (Fremont): Chelsea Cather
Lincoln: Alexa Wray
Lincoln: Mitchell Renteria
Fremont: Michaela Wilson
Fremont: Courtney Everhart
Roy and Sue Carlstrom (Fremont): Chelsea Cather
Grand Island: Nathan Wieseler
Nebraska (Endowed): Kimberly Brown
Lincoln: Caitlyn Erixon
Lincoln: Daniel Uttecht
Fremont: Marissa Braddock
Fremont: Maleah Wraith
Roy and Sue Carlstrom (Fremont): Sandra Lee
Grand Island: Brooke Vander Hamm
Nebraska Div. IWLA: Dylan Maag
Nebraska: Daniel Uttecht
Nebraska: Jordan Moline
Jessie Benton (Fremont): Brooke Vander Hamm
Lincoln: John Konvalina
Fremont: Jacob Linderholm
Roy and Sue Carlstrom (Fremont): David Engel
Grand Island: Alexander Artz
Nebraska Div. IWLA: Alec Wong
Nebraska: Jared Barjenbruch
Nebraska: Alec Wong
Jessie Benton (Fremont): Shawn Smith
Lincoln: Jacob Koenig
Fremont: Sarah Moy
Roy and Sue Carlstrom (Fremont): Michael Boden
Grand Island: Dylan Maag
Nebraska Div. IWLA: Anne Rolfson
Platte Valley: Jean-Paul Montes
Nebraska: Samantha Janousek
Nebraska: Scott Aden
Jessie Benton (Fremont): Kathleen Spencer
Lincoln: Alexa Armstrong
Fremont: Kyle O'Connell
Roy and Sue Carlstrom (Fremont): Ashley McAllister
Grand Island: Brianna Myre
Nebraska Div. IWLA: Anne Rolfson
Nebraska: Lauren Thompson
Nebraska: Julia DeWilde
Jessie Benton (Fremont): Rebecca Gonzales
Lincoln: Tanner Stevens
Fremont: Adam Schole
Roy and Sue Carlstrom (Fremont): Carla Alschwede
Grand Island: Christopher Cowan
Nebraska Div. IWLA: Anne Rolfson
Platte Valley: Zachariah Douglas
Nebraska: Jed Thompson
Nebraska: Laura Thacker-Lynn
Jessie Benton (Fremont): Rebecca Gonzales
Lincoln: Lauren Thompson
Fremont: William Lawyer
Roy and Sue Carlstrom (Fremont): Carla Alschwede
Grand Island: Adam Schole
Nebraska Div. IWLA: Anne Rolfson
Nebraska Div. IWLA: Brent Johnson
Platte Valley: Scott Sorensen
Nebraska: Aaron Hildreth
Nebraska: Landon Pierce
Jessie Benton (Fremont): Carla Alschwede
Lincoln: Julie George
Lincoln: Laura Thacker-Lynn
Fremont: Samantha Janousek
Roy and Sue Carlstrom (Fremont): Kelly Kappen
Grand Island: Nathanial Phillips
Platte Valley: Adam Rupe
Platte Valley: Julie George
Nebraska: Aaron Hildreth
Nebraska: Branden O'Hare
Jessie Benton (Fremont): Julie George
Lincoln: Kelly Kappen
Fremont: Kelly Corman
Roy and Sue Carlstrom (Fremont): Theodore Ehly
Grand Island: Laura Thacker-Lynn
Nebraska: Scott Harter
Nebraska: Branden O'Hare
Jessie Benton (Fremont): LaNae Hays
Lincoln: Scott Groepper
Fremont: Linsey Willman
Roy and Sue Carlstrom (Fremont): Nicholas Dobesh
Grand Island: Minako Ishibashi
Platte Valley: Steve Herdzina
Nebraska: Kelly Corman
Nebraska: Branden O'Hare
Jessie Benton (Fremont): Rachel Ptacek
Lincoln: Steve Herdzina
Fremont: Joshua Stark
Roy and Sue Carlstrom (Fremont): LaNue Bishop
Grand Island: Levi Adam
Platte Valley: Todd Burda
Nebraska: Kelly Corman
Nebraska: Joshua Schmidt
Jessie Benton (Fremont): Kelsi Niederklein
Lincoln: Matthew Neukirch
Fremont: Casey Leif
Roy and Sue Carlstrom (Fremont): Lisa Ann Kotas
Grand Island: David Putensen
Platte Valley: Jeff Koch
Nebraska: Tyler Naprstek
Nebraska: Greg Clements
Nebraska: Brenda Woodward
Jessie Benton (Fremont): Erin Garrison
Lincoln: Corey Nelson
Lincoln: Tamara Tietmeyer
Fremont: Aaron Nelson
Roy and Sue Carlstrom (Fremont): Jessica Schell
Grand Island: Greg Prochaska
Platte Valley: Bryan Kluever
West Point: Sara Moore