Environmental Studies Emphasis Areas

Natural Resources

Natural Resources Option

The Natural Resources emphasis provides a student with diverse career opportunities in: ecosystem restoration, conservation, wildlife behavior, grassland management, water resources, environmental policy, pollution studies, and much more. Natural resources is a field in which every ecosystem is a new learning opportunity. Both internships and careers can be found in numerous government agencies, local and national, nonprofit groups, research facilities, and environmentally conscious businesses.

Natural resources students will focus their courses in one of the following areas: Conservation and sustainability, earth, water, and energy resources, Biodiversity and ecology, or Environmental Management.

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Applied Climate Science

Applied Climate Science Option

The Applied Climate Science emphasis provides a foundation for understanding the climate system and its components, as well as interactions of the climate system components with and impacts on the environment and human societies.

In order to address applied climate science issues, it is important to have interdisciplinary training and experience in the physical and biological sciences (physics, climatology, meteorology, biology, chemistry, geography, geology, mathematics, statistics and computer science) as well as an appreciation for human behavior. The Applied Climate Science emphasis within Environmental Studies will provide that training and experience.

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Leadership and Entrepreneurship

Leadership and Entrepreneurship

Imagine having the leadership skills and the abilities to start your own business or organization so you can help meet the growing need to promote sustainability, improve environmental quality, and efficiently use Earth's resources while meeting the growing worldwide demand for services, technologies and products that address climate change.

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More Information

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