Fisheries & Wildlife Advising Faculty & Related Research

Program Coordinators

If you are interested in the Fisheries & Wildlife Program, please feel free to contact the Fisheries & Wildlife Faculty Coordinator:

Mark Pegg

You can also contact the School of Natural Resources Advising Coordinator:

Sara Winn

Related Research Projects

Large River Ecology

Several concurrent projects investigating the ecology of large rivers ranging from the population dynamics, habitat use and seasonal movements of riverine species to the structure and movement of habitat (e.g., large woody debris) in response to abiotic factors. Specfic field data collections are ongoing or recently completed in the Missouri River, Platte River, and Niobrara River in Nebraska.

Wildlife Conservation through Evolutionary Understanding

Our work revolves around understanding how novel ecological conditions driven by anthropogenic change influence phenotypic expression in birds. Currently, we are addressing a number of questions relating to avian habitat decisions and how climate and land-use change as well as management decisions are influencing where birds reside and subsequently how they behave.