Pre-Forestry Major

Increasing demands on the world's forest resources and the challenges and opportunities arising from those demands make the pre-forestry program at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln an attractive option for many UNL students. These students may opt to continue their studies at another college or university or remain at UNL.

UNL's pre-forestry program is not a degree-granting program, but it will fully prepare students for admission to colleges and universities where they can earn a four-year degree in forestry. Students choosing to remain at UNL can opt for a four-year degree as fisheries and wildlife majors. Those choosing to transfer can take advantage of a reciprocal agreement with the University of Missouri-Columbia, which allows students who pay resident tuition at UNL to pay resident tuition at the University of Missouri.

During their first year at UNL, pre-forestry students can choose from a variety of courses, including biology, botany, mathematics and English, that can be applied to many majors. Students can also get involved in the Wildlife Club and Soil and Water Conservation Society.

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