Water Science Options

The Water Science major provides 5 career-related options. Each option allows students to take in-depth courses in an area of their interest. Prepare for a career in the field of your choice:

Aquatic Ecology

Imagine a career studying how plant and animal communities in the rainforest streams of Trinidad adjust to climate change or how drought affects the ecology of Nebraska Sandhills lakes! Realize your career goals through our aquatic ecology option.


Imagine a career monitoring lake evaporation on Lake Superior to study the effects of a warmer climate or determining how ethanol production impacts our environment! You can realize your career goals through hydrology option.

Water Law and Policy

Imagine a career protecting our most precious resource: water! Allocate water for city planning and irrigation needs, negotiate groundwater rights or protect endangered species from low water flow. Realize your career goals through our water law and policy option.

Water Quality

Imagine a career examining the water quality of lakes, rivers, streams, and groundwater! You can detect toxic algal blooms using remote sensing instruments, protect a town from arsenic contaminated wells or clean up a contaminated stream. Realize your career goals through our water quality option.

Watershed Management

Imagine a career preventing surface and groundwater contamination from nutrient, pesticide, hormone and sediment run-off or modeling areas of pollution risk! You can realize your career goals through our watershed management option.