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Chrissy Peters Apprenticeship
Jacob Wagner Apprenticeship
Ann Wilton Apprenticeship
McKenzie Hauger Apprenticeship
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Soil Judging Team 2017
Wildlife Club teaching at Ponca State Park
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Mike True and children in Botswana
Student and Kanagroo
Sicily Catacombs
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Job Board

Pioneers Park Nature Center- Various
Position: Part-Time
Location: Lincoln, NE
Deadline: 12/1/2018

For other jobs, check Career Services' Husker Hire Link

If you have a job you would like listed here, please send the information to snrambassadors@unl.edu Please include the following information, if applicable: Position title, Position type (part-time, seasonal, etc.), Location, Application Deadline, Salary. Attach a job announcement flyer (pdf format) if possible.

Other Job Sites

Natural Resource Job Directories

Federal jobs

State wildlife/fisheries/natural resources jobs

Texas A&M University

Go to this site, and click on links for internships or summer positions. Site is updated with positions every day, and is the site for wildlife-related jobs.

Student Conservation Association

Conservation Job Board

The Conservation Job Board profiles the latest jobs in the fields related to natural resource conservation including forestry, wildlife biology, fisheries, ecology, wetlands, marine science, environmental policy, environmental education, park management and more. We currently feature over 1,000 jobs with around 20 new listings added each day.

U.S. Geological Survey

Look under specific area--for example, "water resources." Click on "JOBS".

Ornithology Jobs

Cyber Sierra

Links to water quality, fisheries, and wildlife jobs

Zoo & Aquarium Jobs


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